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@hansulrichobrist Uses Instagram to Save an Endangered Art from Extinction

To see more photos that celebrate handwriting, follow @hansulrichobrist on Instagram.

Hans Ulrich Obrist (@hansulrichobrist), a curator and co-director of the Serpentine Galleries (@serpentineuk) in London, began his handwriting on a stormy winter day in Brittany, France, with a poem written by Etel Adnan on a small napkin. “I suddenly realized what we risk to lose should handwriting ever disappear,” he says. “I felt an urge to post an image of Etel’s handwriting. It was the beginning of 700 posts from artists, architects, technologists, scientists, filmmakers and poets. I have a feeling it has only just begun.”

Hans Ulrich is also leading the creation of unique projects for the Serpentine’s Instagram. Each month, they are offering creative direction to a different artist. “This month it is the artist Cerith Wyn Evans who we are exhibiting at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery,” he says. “Next month, it will be Gustav Metzger.”

These innovations are part of a larger movement of members of the art world experimenting creatively on Instagram. “The Korean artist and great pioneer of new media Nam June Paik told me a long time ago that there is often a delay between an invention of a new technology, and its use by artists,” Hans Ulrich says. “He started to make art with television years after television was invented. He could only make art with it once it was like a pencil. We can see a similar thing now with the Internet, it’s only a few years after the invention of Instagram that more and more artists make art with it. Frances Stark (@therealstarkiller) is a great example, for not only does she make art on Instagram, but brings her Instagram project into her analogue exhibitions.”


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Making it to the World Series with @punkpoint

To see more photos from the World Series, follow @punkpoint, @mlb, @sfgiants, @kcroyals and explore the #worldseries hashtag on Instagram.

“I never figured on a career path in photography,” says Andy Kuno (@punkpoint), “I always thought I’d be doing something else. Photography was just a hobby in high school.” A community of sports photographers, including Brad Mangin (@bmangin), helped him find his way as a young rookie.

As the team photographer for the San Francisco Giants, Andy uses Instagram to share behind-the-scenes moments of his hometown baseball team and their journey to the World Series. “My favorite time to capture images is during batting practice while the players are loose,” he says.

“I wanted to show stuff that would never make it to print,” he continues. “As social media has become an important outlet to our fans, we’ve hit Instagram pretty hard. I’ve been given autonomy to do what I need to show the team’s personality at its best.”


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@belilabelle in Wonderland

To see more of Belinda’s surreal scenes, follow @belilabelle on Instagram.

Venezuela Instagrammer Belinda Tellez (@belilabelle) has always had a passion for surreal tales. “As a kid I was kind of weird. I liked books more than dolls and used to memorize passages from ‘Alice in Wonderland,’” she says. These days Belinda writes her own stories through surreal photography, often starring as the main character of imaginative scenes. She views each image as a story or anecdote, which reveal her secrets. “When the pictures become very surreal and imaginative, they also ironically become incredibly real.” Belinda’s creations are often the work of a one-woman show: “I take the self-portraits myself, so when the result is similar to what I imagined, I dance.”


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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPontheroad

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

This weekend’s prompt was #WHPontheroad, which asked participants to get out and capture creative photos and videos that document life on the road. Every Monday we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.


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Local Lens: Discovering Hamburg’s Diverse Facets with @tomtehh

In this series, local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot around where they live. To see more photos of Hamburg through Tom’s eyes, follow @tomtehh on Instagram.

“I love big-city photography, and Hamburg offers a great mix of traditional and new architecture,” says Hamburg local Tom Merkel (@tomtehh). Born and raised in the harbor city, he knows the details of Hamburg like the back of his hand. For this edition of #LocalLens he shares some of his favorite places to shoot in his hometown.

Speicherstadt: In this district you can find an eclectic mix of historical buildings, modern architecture and picturesque boats at the traditional harbor Traditionsschiffhafen. “The bridges in Speicherstadt offer picture-perfect views,” Tom explains. “The best time to shoot is at dusk so you can capture the light reflections on the water.” Tom’s tip: “Bring a tripod for long time exposure.”

U4 Überseequartier: “This subway station offers intriguing symmetrical elements that invite visitors to experiment with centered shots. You’ll get a better angle when you stand a level above the platform—this allows you to see an overview of the whole station.”

Sternschanze: With trendy people and raw graffiti this neighborhood is the perfect setup for street photography. Tom recommends coming here in the early morning “when the neighborhood slowly awakes and the streets come to life.”


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Twisting and Tumbling with Parkour Athlete @pashatheboss

To see more photos and videos of Pasha’s parkour moves all around the world, follow @pashatheboss on Instagram.

“You have to understand I trained for this for nine years,” says Latvian parkour athlete Pasha Petkuns (@pashatheboss). “If you see my videos on Instagram, don’t try to repeat them straightaway.”

Pasha was inspired by watching online videos of parkour, a form of street gymnastics. “It’s a pretty cheap sport. All you need is your shoes.” But parkour can be dangerous and requires extraordinary discipline and physical strength. “I never get serious injuries because I practice everything step-by-step and do physical strength training.”

“If you want to start, start slowly,” Pasha says. “Gymnastics gyms are great for beginners because everything is soft and safe.”


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The Week on Instagram | 153


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Around the Community


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#TodayIMet with @timlampe and @halfgirl

In the #todayimet series, Instagrammers share the stories of meeting people in real life after discovering their work on Instagram. To see more photos and videos by @halfgirl and @timlampe, follow them on Instagram.

Young Mee Rim (@halfgirl) and Tim Lampe (@timlampe), from Copenhagen and Atlanta respectively, organized an impromptu road trip with friends in Canada this summer after following each other for two years on Instagram. “We picked Tim up at the airport and it was basically like picking up a really old friend you hadn’t seen in ages,” Young says. “A big hug and then straight on to chatting away and laughing in the car for hours and hours.”

Tim says that it’s always this easy to connect in real life with people he’s met through Instagram. “I think friendships from Instagram are so natural because you’re getting to know someone really well through their photos and captions and how they choose to document their life,” he says. “It’s always amazing to get the perspective of someone else living in a completely different part of the world.”

Meeting up with Instagram friends in real life also gives Tim the opportunity to see how they make the photos he was drawn to in the first place. “One of my favorite things is to watch how Instagrammers approach shots in the wild, so seeing Young take a pancake breakfast with fruit on top and figure out how to best Instagram it was a learning experience.”


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Bleak and Dark New York City through the Eyes of @d_belov

For more bleak and dark shots from the streets of New York, follow @d_belov on Instagram.

“Everyday I find special moments happening on the streets of New York—a photo shoot for ‘Batman’ on the Brooklyn Bridge, or a movie set on Fifth Avenue. Even on bleak days I could show the dynamic life in the city. These things all inspire me,” says Instagrammer Dmitry Belov (@d_belov) who moved from Volgograd, Russia to New York six months ago. “I see New York through the movement of people, cars, and events. The roads of New York are mysterious, and they mesmerize me.”


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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPontheroad

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

“Nothing behind me, everything ahead of me, as is ever so on the road.” —Jack Kerouac, On the Road

The goal this weekend is to get out and capture creative photos and videos that document life on the road. Some tips to get you started:

  • Use this project as an opportunity to get out and explore. Grab some friends, jump in the car and go on an adventure to somewhere new. In addition to the places you visit, document the moments you share on the way.
  • Whether you’re traveling the world in an Airstream trailer or visiting family for the weekend, keep an eye out for things you’ve never noticed before and don’t hesitate to make the time to stop for a photo.
  • Don’t be afraid to take this project literally and focus on the road itself. Highways, byways, tunnels and overpasses have a beautiful geometry of their own if you take the time to look.

PROJECT RULES: Please add the #WHPontheroad hashtag only to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs and videos to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged image or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning.