Worldwide InstaMeets are Underway!

Want to get involved in your city’s InstaMeet? Several InstaMeets will be occurring through out the weekend. Visit []( to learn more!

Yesterday kicked off a weekend of InstaMeets taking place all around the world. In our home city, we had an awesome #InstaMeetSF adventure at Flora Grubb Gardens. Instagrammers also gathered together Thursday in Cape Town, Helsinki, Hamburg, Kathmandu, Dubai, Manila, Caracas, Gdansk and many, many more locations.

In honor of the Worldwide InstaMeet adventures that took place yesterday and those that will continue to take place throughout the weekend we’re putting the Weekend Hashtag Project on hold. Instead we’re asking those of you who have or will participate in an adventure to tag your BEST InstaMeet photograph with #WWIMadventure for a chance to be featured right here on Monday morning! Be sure to include the name of the city where your InstaMeet took place along with your city’s designated hashtag in your caption or as a comment on your photo. Happy adventuring, Instagrammers!