A Life on the Road with @worksology and @jessaworks

Some say there’s no better way to explore America’s vast, diverse landscape than to drive through the heart of it. Joshua Works, his wife, Jessa, and their four-year-old son, Jack, are doing just that in an iconic 27-foot-long, 200-square-foot Airstream trailer. They’re documenting their favorite scenes and anecdotes along the way on Instagram at @worksology and @jessaworks.

The Works family has been on the road full-time for nearly two years, and Joshua says their trip has no end in sight:

"We wanted to take some risks and see if we could create a lifestyle that meets more of our demands––regular contact with nature, greater cultural diversity, more time as a family––and throws out the things we disliked most––daily commutes, tedious household work, interminable daily routines. And we’d say that’s all been a success. There are definitely still challenges and compromises, but we encourage those who are interested and capable to consider full-time travel as a perfectly viable lifestyle.”

So far the family has visited 41 states and is getting closer and closer to their ultimate goal of seeing all of the U.S.’s National Park sites. In 2013, they plan to explore the West Coast and end the year with a trip to the Canadian Rockies with a caravan of fellow Airstreamers. Be sure to go along for the ride with them by following their Instagram accounts @worksology and @jessaworks, browsing their hashtags (#postofficeportrait and #lighthouseportrait are two great ones), and exploring their Photo Map!