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Watching Video

When you’re viewing a video on Instagram, the sound is controlled by your device’s volume setting. If your phone is set to silent, the video will play with the sound off.

On an iOS device, you can switch the sound on and off by flipping the switch on the left side of your device.

For Android, you can control the volume for a video in two ways:

  • Adjust the device’s media volume under Settings, or
  • Wait for an Instagram video to begin playing, and raise/reduce the volume from the switch on the side of your device

Recording Video

Try these tips to improve the audio quality when recording a video on Instagram:

  • Use your hands-free set, which has a built-in microphone
  • Use an external microphone, like the iStabilizer iRig mic (Apple)
  • Make a removable wind sheild (called a “deadcat” in the film industry) for your device’s microphone

Concerned about videos playing automatically? You can disable auto-play under Settings > Preferences.