Hashtag Highlight: #TrumpetTravels with @followalter and @utopist

With a simple, plastic trumpet, two Dutchies on a pilgrimage to the United States added humor and character to their travel photography.

Emiel Sondag (@utopist) surprised his friend Tom Walter (@followalter) in New York City with the trumpet, a gift Tom had received while in the Netherlands but accidentally left behind in his home country. Emiel explains the idea of making odd pictures at various locations just came naturally after that:

Our trumpet really gave us an incentive to get out there. We went to see things solely to take pictures with the trumpet. Vacation pictures can be pretty boring, and having a fun element, really added a bit extra to our photos. All the cheesy descriptions, stupid jokes and compositions inspired us to be creative.

Want to see all of the shots from Tom (@followalter) and Emiel (@utopist)’s trip? Be sure to visit the #trumpettravels hashtag and browse their photo maps!