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Tattoos for Trade with @m_i_s_o_

To see more of Stanislava’s work, follow @m_i_s_o_ on Instagram.

For Stanislava Pinchuk (@m_i_s_o_), an artist in Melbourne, the delicate tattoos she draws for friends are creative exchanges. Their stories inspire her work, and in place of payment, her friends give her things they’ve made, whether art, furniture, jewelry or even dinner.

“I see it as artwork my friends carry with them,” she says. “It’s very intimate, and charging for it seemed strange, so I’ve traded since day one.”

Stanislava tells the story of each tattoo and trade on Instagram: twin wildflowers traded for whiskey, a map of a family traded for a drawing, a galaxy traded for a photograph. Alongside these stories, she shares pictures of her work and studio with the creative community she’s built. “The collaborators and contacts I’ve made from Instagram are incredible,” she says. “I’ve been in touch with so many people I look up to because of it.”

Follow Friday: Tattoo Artists on Instagram

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Tattooing has been around for many centuries spanning numerous cultures throughout the world. The art form may still have a few remaning taboos surrounding it, but its popularity has been on the rise and many artists are gaining notoriety for their craft. Tattoos may not be your cup of tea, but there is certainly no denying the beauty and skill behind this artform.

Here are just a few of the many tattoo artists from around the world sharing the progression and final results of their work on Instagram:

Eva Schatz - Salzburg, Austria

Nick Chaboya - San Francisco, California

Jo Harrison - World Traveler, from England

Kris Magnotti - New York, New York

The photo at the top is by Horitake - Japan.