Sundance Film Festival 2013 in Park City, Utah

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The Sundance Film Festival, one of the largest independent film festivals in the United States, is currently taking place in and around Park City, Utah, through January 27. Sundance Institute (@sundanceinstitute), a non-profit organization, has managed Sundance Film Festival with actor Robert Redford at the helm since 1985. Their mission is to discover and develop independent artists.

Sundance’s popularity has exploded in recent years and now boasts over 119 dramatic and documentary feature films, dozens of short movies, panel discussions, celebrity sightings and more. Sundance has helped launch the careers of several blockbuster directors, and those in attendance hope to see the next Academy-Award-contending independent film. Joseph Gordon-Levitt—actor, director, producer, and founder of open-collaborative production company hitRECord—will be hosting this year’s awards ceremony.