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Beco do Batman: Where Street Becomes Art

For more photos and videos from the graffiti murals in Vila Madalena, explore the Beco do Batman location page.

Tucked away in one of São Paulo’s most bohemian neighborhoods, Vila Madalena, you’ll find a discrete alleyway known to locals as “Beco do Batman.” The passage is home to some of the city’s most respected graffiti artists’ work and murals cover the walls in explosions of color, capturing the city’s vibrant graffiti scene and overall creative energy. Artist Speto (@speto) considers Beco do Batman “a peaceful and playful manifestation of street art in the city.” He painted his first mural at Beco do Batman in 2006 when he was given a wall by Boleta, a fellow artist he deeply admired. Speto’s mural, a beautiful large bird, is still there today and has deep significance for him as an artist.


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Street Artist Rone (@r_o_n_e) on the Walls of Berlin

For more photos and videos of Rone’s work across the world, browse the #Rone hashtag or follow @r_o_n_e on Instagram.

Atop a five-story-high building facade at Nollendorfplatz in Berlin, street artist Rone (@r_o_n_e) has completed his latest work. Known for paintings of glamorous and idolized women, Rone’s street art aims to highlight the friction point between beauty and decay. At a distance, the women depicted on the Berlin building appear perfect, but viewed up close you can see paint running and signs of deterioration.


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Banksy Takes Over the Streets of New York

Last week, English street artist Banksy (@banksyny) embarked on a month-long “artists residency on the streets of New York.” The world-renowned—and anonymous—artist is known across the globe for his satirical and often whimsical critiques of government and social issues.

The project, “Better Out than In,” brings Banksy’s signature site-specific stencil art to the streets of New York City and invites the city’s residents to seek out and document the pieces he unveils each day by posting their general location in his captions.

Follow Banksy’s project through Instagram: @banksyny.


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Chasing Art, Adding Artists with @joshuabgeyer

Want to learn more about street art in NYC? Be sure to follow Joshua @joshuabgeyer and artists @jr, @aakashnihalani, @alicepasquini, @oleknycand @kennyscharfon Instagram

Since modern graffiti first appeared on the subways in the 1970s, New York City has been a hub for street art. In the past, many of the artists behind these works chose to protect their identities and remain anonymous for fear of consequences, but the tide is changing as the art form gains more popular acceptance.

New York photographer Joshua Geyer (@joshuabgeyer) unveils the layers of anonymity with Instagram. Committed to visually documenting the city’s street art, Joshua uses Instagram and his knowledge of the street art community to connect his followers with artists. “Just seeing and photographing the art wasn’t enough for me. I wanted to know who did this piece, who put that sticker there, or how long did that mural take, etc…I became obsessed with learning as much as I could,” he explains. “And I always add context to my pictures so others can learn from me and know the artists behind the work.”

By adding artists on Instagram to his photos and mentioning them in his captions and comments, Joshua’s followers can discover new artists and the artists themselves can source photos of their work from the Instagram community. “I am a strong believer of giving credit where credit is due,” he explains. “My followers love seeing new work from new artists and the artists love having new people appreciate their gifts. It really is a win-win situation and it makes me happy to be able to help make that connection.”


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Hashtag Highlight: #LosMurosHablan

Want to see more murals? Browse the #LosMurosHablan tag page.

Los Muros Hablan, or The Walls Speak, is the first international street art festival in Puerto Rico. During the festival, twelve of the world’s top street artists painted massive murals on different walls in the city of San Juan. Instagrammers in San Juan have been snapping photos of the murals over the past month, and so far more than 2,400 photos have been shared with the tag #LosMurosHablan!