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Behind the Scenes and Back to the Source with @3sixteen’s Selvedge Denim

For more photos and videos of what goes into 3sixteen’s clothing and accessories, follow @3sixteen on Instagram.

"There’s a great sense of community on Instagram," says 3sixteen (@3sixteen) co-founder Andrew Chen, who quit his IT consulting job seven years ago to make selvedge denim jeans full-time. Today, 3sixteen's small team designs and manufactures jeans, shirts, hats and other accessories from their shop in New York City.

"Instagram gives us an opportunity to have direct, real-time interaction with people about what we’re working on at any given moment," explains Andrew. "We’re able to interact with people not only about our products, but also other personal passions that closely parallel what we do, like coffee, architecture and travel."

Andrew recently visited the Japanese facility that manufactures 3sixteen’s denim and shared moments from the trip through Instagram. “What’s fun about Instagram is that updates can be as simple as a beautiful pair of worn-in jean that a customer has sent back for repairs or as complex as the step-by-step process of how our denim is woven at our mill in Okayama.”


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The Making Of: @Mastersons Selvedge Denim Shirts

The Making Of… Know any other Instagrammers doing something unique with their hands? Send us a note through Tumblr.

Michael Masterson, who has spent the past 3 years making clothes by hand, is embarking on his latest venture—Masterson’s, a limited-run batch of US and Japanese selvedge denim and chambray shirts—and bringing his Instagram followers along for the ride at @mastersons.

"I have a collection of over 25 machines, most more than 50 to 70 years old. It takes a lot of finesse and dexterity to keep the machine and stitch working properly," he says. "Instagram is a quick and easy way to share the production process with people during a busy day. And I think it also helps give people an idea of the time that goes in to producing these shirts."

To get a peek at the process, visit @mastersons. Because of Masterson’s limited production capacity, they will only be available through Trove General Store.