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Local Lens: Capturing Lines and Angles in Prague with @prazakj

Local Lens: In this series, we let local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot in their city. Experience Prague through the lens of a local by following @prazakj and explore some of his favorite locations through the links below.

"I’m fascinated by architecture and landscape," says Jan Pražák (@prazakj), who calls Prague home but travels often to all corners of the Czech Republic.

"I really enjoy the minimalist architecture, and Prague is filled with shapes and curves," says Jan. "I didn’t study architecture—I just look for forms I like."

For those visiting Prague and looking for unique architecture to shoot, Jan recommends running or skating along the scenic Vltava River. “From the river, you can see Danube House, Nile House, Amazon Court and Main Point.” For more adventurous folks willing to walk a little further, Jan recommends Prague Castle and nearby Stromovka Park.

"Prague is full of pretty places and I have little space to tell you about them, so just come and visit! My best tip for photo taking is to go out when the sun is rising or one hour before it goes down. That’s the best light for making shots."


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Local Lens: Exploring the Old and New in Prague with @j1rk4

Local Lens: In this series, we let local Instagrammers show you their favorite places to shoot in their cities. Experience Prague through the lens of a local by following @j1rk4, and check out the location pages for Náplavka u Hergetovy Cihelny, Charles Bridge, National Monument on Vitkov, John Lennon Wall, Mare Point and Radotínský Most.

Jirka Kryl (@j1rk4) is from the Czech town of Olomouc, but he attends university in Prague, the Czech Republic's capital and largest city.

"In my opinion, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. There is wonderful architecture—both historic and modern. I’ve lived in Prague for only two years, however I walk everywhere, and love to explore and find photogenic places."

Jirka shared these favorite spots as top sites for any visiting Instagrammer:

"I wouldn’t miss a place like Náplavka u Hergetovy Cihelny, where you can feed the gorgeous swans. And no trip would be complete without seeing the Charles Bridge. If you want a great view of the iconic Zizkov tower, I recommend the National Monument on Vitkov. Of course, the John Lennon Wall is another popular tourist spot.”

And what about places off the beaten path?

"The bridge over the road by Mare Point in the neighborhood of Karlín is worth the trip, as is the absolutely fabulous spot under Radotínský Most.”


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Frank Gehry & Vlado Milunić’s Dancing House (Tančící Dům)

If you ever visit Prague, the famous Nationale-Nederlanden building, nicknamed Dancing House (Tančící dům) or “Fred and Ginger,” is hard to miss. It sits in the middle of a densely built section of Prague, surrounded by other structures that are nearly all the city’s standard Baroque or Art Nouveau styles.

It was designed by Croatian-Czech architect Vlado Milunić and Canadian-American architect Frank Gehry on a vacant riverfront plot of great historical significance. Its site was the location of a house that was destroyed by the U.S. bombing of Prague in 1945 during World War II. The plot and structure lay decrepit until 1960 when the area was cleared.

The building’s deconstructivist dancing shape is supported by 99 concrete panels, each a different shape and dimension. On the top of the building is a large twisted structure of metal nicknamed Medusa. To see more photos of the quirky architectural marvel, visit the Tančící dům | Dancing House location page.