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Remembering a Generation with @notmynonni

To view more photos and videos of nonni all over the world, browse the hashtag #notmynonni and follow @notmynonni and @tianapix on Instagram.

Italy Instagrammer Tiana Kai Madera (@tianapix) captioned one of her photos “not my nonna,” using the affectionate word for “grandma” in Italian. When her community was amused by the happy nature of the shot, she started the account @notmynonni (nonni means “grandparents”) to capture quintessential Italian scenes of elderly people going about their daily lives—in the streets, in winter coats, or standing next to old cars. “The older the nonni, the more moved people get—and I hope to capture Italy and all of its nonni,” she explains.

Tiana’s grandfather, to whom the account is dedicated, had Sicilian parents. She says she feels closer to him after moving to Florence from Miami. “I see my grandpa in many nonni that I photograph,” she says. “Some I stop and chat with, others I smile and move on and sometimes assist them if they need help down a step. Each of us has a nonno or nonna inside these strangers.”

Other Instagrammers joined in, using the #notmynonni hashtag to share photos of other people’s grandpas and grandmas.

Tiana feels the love for the account comes from the fact that “everyone has an elderly figure that they love,” and she enjoys seeing people share affectionate photos of nonni all over the world.

"This project reminds us to be kind, to love our family and others."


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Street Portraits in India with @pruue

To see more of Sean’s portraits from India and moments from his other travels, follow @pruue on Instagram.

After pausing to reflect on his busy life as an engineer, Singaporean Instagrammer Sean Gabriel (@pruue) realized he needed to get away.

"Living in Singapore, everything appears to be very rigid and extremely fast paced," Sean explains. "We had to take a step back, slow down a little and immerse ourselves in an entirely different culture that would be refreshing and inspiring."

In September, he joined his girlfriend and her family on a pilgrimage to India, where they sought out Vrindavan, the town where the Hindu god Krishna is believed to have spent his childhood. A sacred site with hundreds of temples, Sean recalls that “bells from the temples would ring as early as 4am.”

Having put aside a passion for graphic design to pursue a career in engineering, the trip offered a chance for Sean to reconnect with his creative interests. He found himself drawn to the people who surrounded him and sought to tell the story of his trip through portraits—even though, as strangers, they shared neither a common background nor much common language.

As he found out, his phone and a smile was all the language he needed:

"One memorable instance was a picture I took of a rickshaw rider. He immediately stood up and started gesturing me to take a picture of him whilst I was wandering around the temple. He then carried on to wrap his head with a towel that most rickshaw riders would normally wipe their seats with, in a bid to pose as character from Bollywood. At that point in time he believed he was a star, and so did I. The camera, it seems, was the catalyst that broke down the language barriers we had.”