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Chasing Pop Visions and Cartoon Dreams with @alia_pop

For more whimsical portraits and fantasy stylings, follow @alia_pop on Instagram.

“I want to create a fantastic world of hypnotic color and classic dreaminess,” says LA-based artist, Alia Penner (@alia_pop). “I have painted on people, horses, bouncy castles and even a school bus.”

Bold patterns and colors are everywhere in Alia’s work, which ranges from high-profile fashion shoots to giant, painted Starbucks cups in Hollywood. But her Instagram account feels more like a special curation of the art she makes at home—a bright mishmash of celebrity face collages and quirky magazine cutouts.

“Just for fun, I started coloring in the New York Times every Sunday, using it sort of like a sketchbook. I added color to the iconic black and white images of starlets, then put them on Instagram,” she says. “They really popped.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, Alia’s daily sources of inspiration are just as eclectic as her art: she lists balloons, polish movie posters, hand-tinted films and unopened paint cans, among others. At the end of the day, though, her job is about having fun.

“My favorite projects are the ones that feel like play from start to finish,” she says. “I’m a child at heart.”


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Instagramming Pop Culture with @matheusbeltrao

For more photos from Matheus, follow @matheusbeltrao on Instagram.

"I have always been interested in the way cultural references from all over the world can mesh together to form a collage of something unique," explains Brazil Instagrammer Matheus Beltrao (@matheusbeltrao).

Born and raised in the northeastern city of Recife, Matheus currently attends university as a film student. He traces his love for film back to an early passion: “I have always been fascinated by media and pop culture. Growing up I was really drawn to television, especially telenovelas, or Brazilian soap operas. Later, my love for film developed, as I became captivated by the way movies brought together photography and music.”

Now, Matheus brings his love of art and photography to his own photography on Instagram—a step he sees as integral for art to progress as a whole. “I hope that through art I can find other likeminded folks and that together we can change certain aspects of life. I think that Instagram and other social networks can be tools to help us start revolutions.”