Exploring Hollywood’s Stahl House

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In 1959, architect Pierre Koenig designed a home in the Hollywood Hills as part of the Case Studies Houses program, a series of architectural experiments meant to create prototypes for efficient and aesthetically-pleasing homes at a time when millions of soldiers were returning to the United States from WWII. Officially named Case Study House #22, Koening’s modernist home has become popularly known as the Stahl House after the architect’s client, Buck Stahl.

Perched on a steep slope, the modernist home features strong geometric lines and glass walls that offer sweeping views of the Los Angeles area. Throughout the years, the house’s unique design and ideal—if surprising—location have led to a stardom of its own through appearances in numerous ad campaigns, photo shoots and feature films. The iconic home especially holds an appeal to Instagrammers who have made the trek to visit.