Have you ever taken several really great photos of a similar scene, or even portraits of your friends, and thought “I wish there was a way to upload all of these at once without overwhelming my Instagram follower’s feeds”? Look no further! There are several applications available in the App Store that allow you to combine multiple photos in one single image, such as PicFrame ($0.99), Diptic ($0.99), and PhotoShake! ($1.99).

We’ve seen some really creative uses of these applications. Here are just a few unique examples of what you can do:

  • Combine multiple borders of different shapes and sizes around a single image.

  • Share a series of action photos in one image

  • Mirror a single image to create mind-bending and/or gravity-defying photos.

  • Place a close-up detailed photo next to a wide angle shot of the same subject.

  • Clone your subject! Stand in one spot with your iPhone and take a photo of a moving subject while keeping the scene the same then combine the photos to make it look like they’ve multiplied.

Photos by goslowgirl, defianttilldeath, brianpodolsky, vixst4r, dillonbatalo, strawberryd28, amelia_may, runawaymonkey, fabsgrassi, & christiangardo.

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