Little adjustments and edits to a photograph can make all the difference. It may seem like a nit-picky pointer but often straightening horizon lines to make them … well … horizontal, or adjusting that building photo you snapped before posting it to the #lookingup tag group, is an overlooked step that can dramatically transform the composition of your images.

The most obvious suggestion is to simply check and make sure your subject seems straight when taking the photo, but we know that the greatest thing about having a camera attached to your phone is that you can quickly take photographs right then & there, in the moment, without having to think twice.

If you find yourself with a photograph that needs some readjusting, we recommend using one of the following applications for iPhone straightening:  Filterstorm ($3.99), Straighten Image ($0.99), or Photoshop Express (free). For Android devices, try Photoshop Express (Free).