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Welcome to the Instagram blog! See how Instagrammers are capturing and sharing the world's moments through photo and video features, user spotlights, tips and news from Instagram HQ.

Photo Feature Friday: Happy New Year!

photo feature friday, songkran, thingyan, cambodian new year, lao new year,

April 13th marks the start of the Thai, Lao, Burmese and Cambodian New Years! Festivities include throwing water, decorating sand with flags, setting animals free, and offering thanks for the Buddah’s teachings. We found some beautiful images that have been shared to Instagram throughout South and Southeast Asia, as well as other countries, of the celebrations so far.

Thai New Year - Songkran Festival

Lao New Year - Songkan

Burmese New Year - Thingyan

Cambodian New Year - Chaul Chnam Thmey

Photos by @teeruuk_hi, @imanonae, @toxictakkie, @angoonangoon, @stilllifela, @kanyakmn, @daniel_gh, @zaidzainal, @nochiee & @camdynarliss.

Photo Feature Friday: Android Snapshots

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This week, the entire team at Instagram has been giddy watching our community grow. Android Instagrammers around the world have wowed us with their photographs, so we decided to highlight a few right here on the blog. 













Photo Feature Friday: Jump!

photo feature friday, leap day, jump, photo feature,

February 29th, also known as Leap Day, is an extra calendar day that is observed every four years. It takes about 365 days and 6 hours for the earth to completely revolve around the sun and after four years, once an extra 24 hours has built up, one additional day is added to keep the calendar year synched up with the astronomical year. Pretty neat, right? In honor of this past week’s extra day, we’ve featured some fantastic jumping photos that have been shared with Instagram.

Photos by curious2119, aleessssa, _leahmarie, wavebros, criseu, rivyray, caryannephoto, markl40 & jennyk912.

Photo Feature Friday: Carnival 2012

photo feature, photo feature friday, current events,

This past Tuesday, Carnival celebrations took place around the world, from New Orleans and Panama to Venice and Rio de Janeiro! The festival season, which occurs just before the fast for Lent begins, is observed with parades, masks, and public street parties. Thousands of photos from the celebrations were shared with Instagram over the last week.

Photos by bailandesa, folha_carnaval, puttingonayres, bob_the_bombel, lyniebish, crystallrich, skywalker523, whyellejay & britann23.