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Paper Doll Style Dreams with @fantasydressup

To see more of Richie and Lucas’s red carpet dreams, follow @fantasydressup on Instagram.

Richie Talboy (@okrichie) and Lucas Lefler (@lucas_lefler) always feel bored when they watch red carpet events. “Celebrities often try to take a neutral approach,” Lucas says. “We wanted to give them a point of view.”

Using Photoshop, they started imagining the stars as digital paper dolls with sophisticated—and sometimes unexpected—styling. They shared the results on Instagram and Fantasy Dress Up (@fantasydressup) was born.

Richie, who is a student in New York City, says his favorite Fantasy Dress Up is Lana Del Rey wearing Céline Fall 2012. “I also really like Janice Dickinson in Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2013,” he says. “There’s so much excess in that look. It’s a ‘stealing-your-man’ kind of look.”

"My favorite is Britney Spears wearing Marques Almeida Spring 2012,” Lucas, who is an art director and set designer, says. “It references her all-denim coordination with Justin Timberlake on the red carpet at the 2001 American Music Awards.”


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The Tiny Paper Dolls of @rubicantekid

When your everyday surroundings begin to feel a little mundane, try this: Imagine what it would be like were you to shrink to the size of your thumb, suddenly dwarfed by items you might normally hold in your hand.

If you have a fanciful imagination, you might dream up something very similar to @rubicantekid's Instagram feed. For the past year, illustrator Mike Rubenstein has been snapping photos of his tiny paper people amid a variety of humorous backdrops. “The whole fun of the project is in shifting the context of everyday things through these little cutouts,” says Mike.

"The first of these little people was really just a doodle from a Post-It note, but I got such a kick out of how the photo came out that I started looking around my desk to see what sort of stuff I had lying around… and at this point I can’t look at anything without wondering if a little paper guy might look good alongside it.”

Follow the adventures of Mike’s tiny paper people at, and view more of his work at ShrugLyfe and Astrostrange.