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Coloring in Context with @finnanofenno

For more photos and videos of Carlo’s colorful cars, follow @finnanofenno on Instagram

"I want to let people think about social problems in a colorful and funny way," says Instagrammer Carlo Giardina (@finnanofenno), a student and freelance photographer living in Milan whose Instagram photos examine the issue of urban air pollution. He combines images of old cars with colored backgrounds he creates using a paint app on his smartphone, with his finger as the brush and his screen as the canvas. “Each photo has a meaning,” he says. “I’m really attached to them. For the green Volkswagen I just wanted to match the car and the house and tell something about pollution in a funny and maybe grotesque way using simple things like holes, circles and color.”

The wider Instagram community is also participating, sending Carlo their car shots using the #finnycar hashtag. “I’m inspired by the fact that with just one double tap you can meet the world and share your inner world with others.”


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#WhoIFollow: Discovering Germany’s Coffee and Cars with @bosch

In the #WhoIFollow series, we ask Instagrammers to share their favorite people to follow. For more photos and videos from André and some of his favorites on Instagram, follow @bosch, @christopherhall, @eskimo and @knurrt on Instagram.

Hamburg Instagrammer André Krüger’s (@bosch) passions on Instagram could be divided into two themes: karre (old cars) and kaffe (coffee).

André’s hashtag series #boschkarren is an extensive collection of the classic European cars he spotted on the streets in Berlin. “It’s not only the historic cars that make a #boschkarren photo,” he says. “It’s more that the car has to fit into an interesting setting.”

In addition to old cars, André likes to use Instagram as his “coffee diary,” joining an international community of roasters, coffee shop owners and connoisseurs on Instagram. Last year, he ran an international pre-Christmas Wichteln (“Secret Santa”), #thirdwavewichteln, with more than 350 participants exchanging coffee beans from 25 countries. After its success, he plans to run the scheme again this year.

For a taste of André’s flavor for old cars and coffee, follow some of his favorite accounts on Instagram:

  • @christopherhall – “For the greatest cars on Instagram”
  • @eskimo – “For urban tristesse
  • @knurrt – “For non-touristy Berlin insights”
  • @ofeneck – Design, architecture, furniture, cars, records and coffee in Berlin
  • @roitsch – Coffee tasting from Düsseldorf
  • @lastguest_hh – Coffee and magazines from the owner of Coffee Table Mags.