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Adventures in Snowy NYC with #brooklyndirectconnect

For more photos and videos from the meet-up, check out the #brooklyndirectconnect hashtag.

Just a day after the launch of Instagram Direct, New York City saw one of the first substantial snowfalls of this winter. Undeterred by the cold, a few intrepid Instagrammers decided to celebrate the snow by meeting up under the Manhattan Bridge.

As the snow began, NYC Instagrammer Danielle (@mimizinne) sent a video of herself walking through Prospect Park in the snow to a group of her friends with Instagram Direct. Her caption: “Bundle up guys. It’s cold outside.” In the span of a few minutes, the conversation around her video turned to ideas of getting together—and within a few hours, they had all gathered under the Manhattan Bridge in Dumbo. As Danielle explains, “For a lot of the people, I don’t have their phone numbers. It was a way to reach out to a bunch of people who I know through Instagram.” People on the thread invited their friends in turn, bringing together a group of new people excited about the beautiful snow in their city.


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Experience Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade on Instagram

To see more photos and videos from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, follow @macys, visit the location pages for Columbus Circle, Times Square and Herald Square and browse the #MacysParade hashtag.

During Thanksgiving, people across the United States get together with family and loved ones to reflect on the past year and give thanks for the bonds they share. For those in New York City—and the millions who tune into the live broadcast—Thanksgiving also means joining hundreds of thousands of other New Yorkers to witness the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.

Today’s procession, which marks the 87th Macy’s parade, kicks off from 77th Street and Central Park West at 9am ET and makes its way south to Herald Square on 34th Street. The annual celebration is known the world over for its giant—and photogenic—balloon floats, many of which top three stories in height.


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Photographing New York City from Above with @wrongrob

To view more photos and videos from a bird’s-eye perspective of New York, follow @wrongrob on Instagram

Rob Masao McCarthy (@wrongrob) is a father of three in Brooklyn, New York. Outside of his day job as a freelance digital media consultant and photographer, Rob gets his thrills scaling New York City’s tallest bridges, trams, roofs and skyscrapers to shoot the city from above.

"I first developed an interest in photography shooting street portraits of the people of New York City. Then I realized that I was really interested in the city itself as a subject," he says. "I discovered that the higher up and further away I got, the more the immense city was reduced to shapes, lines and angles. There is a peace and universality in that geometry that I really like. Somehow it makes the city more human."

Want to refine the compositions of your cityscapes? Here are Rob’s tips:

  • Pay attention to depth of field in your frame. Try to include a distinct foreground, middle ground and background, which helps create a sense of scale and distance. A mix of different building heights helps too.
  • Look for an interesting street angle within the buildings that will draw your viewers into the photo. Avoid shooting straight in front of you and placing the primary subject in the middle of the frame.
  • To add atmosphere and mood to cityscape shots, shoot on cloudy or rainy days. Hard, bright light is not your friend!
  • I am always safe and law-abiding, of course, but if you’re trying to get to a building’s upper levels, skip the elevator and look for the stairs. You’ll be surprised where you end up.


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Documenting the Legs of New York with @stace_a_lace

Follow Stacey Baker (@stace_a_lace) on Instagram and be sure to check out her full collection of New York legs at

During the work day, Stacey Baker is an associate photo editor at The New York Times Magazine, curating photos and occasionally contributing to the Times Magazine's 'The 6th Floor' blog.

In March, Baker posted to her Instagram account (@stace_a_lace) the first of what would become a recurring series of photos documenting the various styles and shapes of women’s legs in New York City.

"I started taking pictures of women’s legs about four months ago. Like a lot of people who live in New York, I walk a great deal, and almost everywhere you look, you see wonderfully stylish people," says Stacey. "Occasionally, I get a negative response, but for the most part, the women I approach are game and seem pleased to have been asked. A number of women have told me I’ve made their day."

Stacey offers advice for those that may want to try their hand at photographing strangers:

"I think people are most receptive when you’re as straightforward as possible," she says. "When I approach someone, I explain that I’m doing a project on legs, and I show them a sample of the images I’ve already posted. I offer to delete any photos they don’t like, and also to email them the images."

And what if you’re turned down? “Sometimes a rejection stings a little, but you just keep trying.”


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Want to see more? Browse photos tagged with the #manhattanhenge hashtag and check out the Manhattanhenge location page.

Don’t miss out on the photos from yesterday’s Manhattanhenge! Twice a year, the setting sun in New York City aligns perfectly with Manhattan’s east-west street grid. This phenomenon makes for the perfect chance to snap photos of the sun setting between the skyscrapers of Manhattan.


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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City

To see more photos from the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, browse the location pages for Columbus Circle, Times Square, Herald Square, and the Macy’s Parade Balloon Inflation area.

The 86th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade kicked off at 9:00AM EST this morning in Manhattan. Elaborate balloons, floats, falloons (float-based balloons) and balloonicles (self-powered balloon vehicles) snaked their way from 77th Street and Central Park West down 6th Avenue to Herald Square.

U.S. chain store Macy’s started the tradition in 1924. At the time, many of the department store’s employees were first-generation immigrants who were proud of their new American heritage and wanted to celebrate Thanksgiving with a festival similar to ones their parents had loved in Europe. At the end of that first parade, as has been the case with every parade since, Santa Claus arrives in Herald Square to ring in Christmas and the holiday season.


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One World Trade Center

A reflective 104-story skyscraper known as One World Trade Center is rising amid New York City’s skyline where the iconic Twin Towers of the World Trace Center once stood.

The building—which became New York’s tallest in April—sits adjacent to the site of the towers that were destroyed in a terrorist attack 11 years ago today, on September 11, 2001. The exact footprints of the Twin Towers have been memorialized by two reflecting pools with cascading waterfalls, and walls inscribed with the names of those who were lost in the attacks.

The photographs featured above were taken by members of the crew building the new World Trade Center, which is expected to be completed in late 2013.