The Art of #muttmuggin with @muttadventures

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"Over the last couple of years I have fallen in love with the creative, unique and supportive community on Instagram," says Emily McCracken (@muttadventures), who shares whimsical portraits of her three rescued pups: Gertie the bull terrier, Boston the Dane mix and George the mutt. “It has allowed me to connect with people around the globe.”

Several months ago, Sarah posted a photo of George that would spark a new trend: #muttmuggin. “I was originally inspired when a friend showed me #babymugging photos by the ever talented @mommyshorts,” explains Emily. “The pictures were hilarious and adorable, so naturally I put George (my ‘fur-kid’) inside a mug.”

Since then, hundreds of other canines and their human accomplices have joined in. Interested in giving #muttmuggin a shot? Emily offers these tips:

  • "Every dog photographer needs to have three things on hand: a full bag of smelly treats, a nice squeaky toy and a tennis ball (or two). If you make it a fun experience for your pup, she or he will enjoy all the #muttmuggin that you can offer!
  • "For me #muttmuggin is all about the pup. Focus in on him or her and try to capture a funny angle, maybe a sideways mug or give a ‘bottoms up’ shot a try. Have fun with it!
  • "Try capturing the picture from the dog’s point of view, get down to their level, or set them up on a sofa or bed."