Playing with Masks with @artedemirar

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A leggy flamingo. A quintet of Russian nesting dolls. A bonsai tree. A robot that resembles R2-D2.

These are just a few of the characters Sandra Suárez (@artedemirar) brings to life through the masks she makes, then wears, on Instagram. “It’s for fun,” Sandra says. “Sometimes we forget to do the things that amuse us. Leave out the obligations and worries and just play.”

Sandra, who is an artist and began painting and experimenting with different materials as a child, has built an international community on Instagram that inspires her and informs her work. “This week, a girl from Indonesia wrote me, saying that I had inspired a recycling project she was doing in school,” she says. “How is that possible? From Spain I managed to reach a person who was thousands of miles away.”