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Making Up the Music with @stephanie_fernandez

To see more of Stephanie’s makeup looks follow @stephanie_fernandez on Instagram.

"What started out as a day at home experimenting with makeup has become my career aspiration and ultimately the love of my life,” says 19-year-old Louisiana Instagrammer Stephanie Fernandez (@stephanie_fernandez), who often acts as makeup artist, model and photographer for each of her makeup sessions. “I know my face and body better than anyone, so it is a very familiar canvas,” she explains.

Stephanie defines her makeup style as colorfully creepy. “The gory and creepy side of my style is influenced by my passion for horror movies and psychological thrillers,” she says. “Most of my makeup is also heavily influenced by music. I love to be able to create and see what I am hearing and feeling. I simply see it in my mind’s eye, and my hands do the rest.”

Stephanie’s dreams are as colorful and eclectic as her work. “I would love to do high-fashion makeup for NYC Fashion Week. I would love to have at least 100 art shows before I die. I would love to direct movies and creative direct music videos as well as open a studio to create SFX masks, canvas pieces and explore other media. I have no limits. My mind is constantly moving. I want to do it all.”


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Halloween Inspiration from Makeup Artists on Instagram

Happy Halloween! Today, Many Instagrammers from around the world will be sharing photos and videos from the spookiest day of the year. If you want to take your costume to the next level, check out these great makeup artists on Instagram for inspiration:

  • Lyle Reimer, makeup and mixed media artist — @lylexox
  • Hannah Concannon, freelance makeup artist — @dressupbox
  • Roshar, fashion makeup artist — @rosharofficial
  • Mathu Andersen, photographer and makeup artist — @mathu7


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The Many Faces of @dressupbox

Nearly every day of the past six months, makeup artist Hannah Concannon (@dressupbox) has reinvented herself on Instagram.

"Growing up, between ballet, synchronized swimming and an intense love of Halloween, I had a lot of makeup put on my face by other people," says Hannah. "It wasn’t until college, when I took my first costume design course, that I started to experiment with makeup on my own."

Now, after only six months of makeup study, Hannah has taken up her passion full time. “For the past couple months I’ve been doing makeup professionally for photo shoots, videos and—my favorite—live performance.”

What was the inspiration for @dressupbox? “In late 2012 a friend and I embarked upon a 50-day art challenge,” Hannah says. “We both wanted to build portfolios for various programs we were applying to and also experiment with different mediums. In 2013 my friend upped the ante and challenged me to create one costume a day, and The Dress Up Box was born.”

Coming up with fresh ideas every day is no easy task. “It might sound cheesy, but my inspiration comes from almost anywhere… my buddies’ venus flytrap on their kitchen counter, Hubble telescope images of Betelgeuse, Star Trek, having a particularly terrible cold, RuPaul, Pinterest, the Mantis Shrimp—you name it.”

To see what daily experience Hannah channels into costume next, follow her on Instagram: @dressupbox.