#TodayIMet with @jasonpolan and @mikimeek

In this series, Instagrammers share the stories of the people they’ve met in real life after discovering their work on Instagram. To see more photos and videos by these New York storytellers, follow @MikiMeek and @JasonPolan on Instagram.

Jason Polan (@JasonPolan) is on a mission to draw “every person in New York" and often shares those sketches along with other artwork on Instagram. Miki Meek (@MikiMeek), a radio producer for This American Life, has a knack for noticing and photographing quintessential New York City moments. After following each other’s work on Instagram for a few months, they decided to meet for a photowalk.

"What I like about Instagram is that by the time I actually meet someone in person, I’m already comfortable," Miki says. "I feel like we already have a rapport—we have a sense of each other’s lives."

"Instagram is such a great platform for art," Jason says. "The idea that I can make something and then instantly thousands of people can see it is really exciting."

Despite the rain on the day they met, Jason made drawings and both of them took pictures. “Miki has a really nice subtle feel in the pictures she posts,” Jason says. “I would love to collaborate more with her in the future.”

"It definitely would be fun to pick a neighborhood or a long walk that started and ended somewhere specific," Miki adds. "It’d be interesting to compare all the people who made us stop."