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Roundup of Worldwide InstaMeet 10

Did you participate in Worldwide InstaMeet 10 this weekend? We want to hear about it! Tell us more via our InstaMeets form.

In celebration of the fourth year of Instagram’s community, the 10th Worldwide InstaMeet (#WWIM10) took place this weekend and was by far the most ambitious InstaMeet to date!

In hundreds of cities around the world, from Istanbul to Delhi, from Paris to Pretoria, thousands of Instagrammers gathered together to make photos and videos, and connect around a shared passion for capturing the world’s moments.

Many communities got especially creative with their group shots, such as Borneo, Edinburgh and Tokyo. Thank you all for making the Instagram community such an extraordinary place full of imaginative, dedicated and compassionate individuals who inspire us everyday!

Here is a sampling of some of the InstaMeets from this weekend that caught our eye:

To see more photos from these and other InstaMeets around the world, explore the #WWIM10 hashtag.


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This Weekend: #WWIM10

For more information on how to find a group of Instagrammers near you, visit and be sure to share your InstaMeet with us at on our InstaMeet map.

We’re putting the Weekend Hashtag Project on hold this weekend. Instead, we’re challenging people around the world to participate in the 10th Worldwide InstaMeet! Grab a few good friends or meet up with a larger group in your area and share your best photos and videos from the walk with the #WWIM10 hashtag for a chance to be featured on our blog Monday morning. Be sure to include the name of the location where your event took place along with the unique hashtag you’ve chosen for your InstaMeet in your caption.


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Reminder: The Next Worldwide InstaMeet is October 4-5!

Our next Worldwide InstaMeet is next weekend, October 4-5! To connect with Instagrammers in your area or learn more about hosting an InstaMeet of your own, visit

From “Bikestameets” in Italy, to an “InstaMatch” in Rio de Janeiro, here’s a roundup of InstaMeets from all over the world to get you inspired for the next Worldwide InstaMeet, #WWIM10:

Here are some tips from Russia InstaMeet participant Dmitry Morugov (@dimikangaroo): “Come to the InstaMeet with a positive mood, create some ideas for photos in advance, and try to realize your ideas with others. Do not forget to use a hashtag for photos that you will post afterwards and explore new places in your city.”

Make sure to hashtag your InstaMeet #WWIM10 and tell us about it here:


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Behind the InstaMeet: Grammin’ the ‘dam with @p_d_y

In this series, we hear from the Instagrammers organizing InstaMeets in different parts of the world. To view more photos and videos from Amsterdam’s Worldwide InstaMeet, browse the #giveadam2014 hashtag and follow @p_d_y on Instagram.

For Phil Yisrael (@p_d_y), an Amsterdam Instagrammer originally from Sydney, Australia, InstaMeets helped him make friends and meet people in the Netherlands. In May, he assembled a team to organize an InstaMeet in Amsterdam focused on bringing people together across the Netherlands and further afield in Northern Europe. Over the course of the weekend, more than 150 Instagrammers came together for one of the biggest InstaMeets the country has seen.

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