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Celebrating 175 Years of Photography in All Its Forms

To view more photos and videos from the Impossible Project InstaMeet, browse the #ImpossibleProjectMeet and #ImpossibleColour hashtags and follow @tomskipp, @impossible_hq and @thephotographersgallery on Instagram.

On August 19, 175 years ago, Frenchman Louis Daguerre announced he had created the first permanent photographic process.

The same year, British inventor Sir Henry Fox Talbot unveiled a series of photographs made using the calotype process years earlier, famously capturing the first photographic negative of the latticed window at Lacock Abbey in Wiltshire, England. The daguerreotype and calotype processes went on to create the type of photos we take today.

This weekend, a group of Instagrammers celebrated the anniversary by exploring the overlap between old and new forms of photography in a daylong workshop at The Photographers’ Gallery (@thephotographersgallery) in London. Armed with vintage instant film cameras and Impossible Project (@impossible_hq) film, the group took photos with both smartphone and analog film on a photowalk around Soho before decamping to experiment with techniques in printing their Instagram photos using instant film.

“People enjoy seeing an image being created right in front of their eyes, so there’s a natural synergy between Instagram and instant film,” says InstaMeet organiser Tom Skipp (@tomskipp). “It was great to be able to share these moments with people that are so passionate. Seeing and sharing an image developing is a beautiful thing, like the original Instagram!”


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InstaMeet Roundup | 14

Did you participate in an InstaMeet recently? We want to hear about it! Tell us more here.

Since the earliest days of Instagram, people have been meeting up offline and forming real-life friendships. Over the past few weeks, Instagrammers from all around the world—places as diverse as Indonesia, Mongolia, Spain, Korea and Italy—have come together to connect and inspire one another. Atop Indonesia’s Mount Dieng Volcano, 27 local Instagrammers welcomed five traveling Malaysian Instagrammers (#117kmtodieng), and in Northern India, 8 Instagrammers from around the world are meeting up for a two-week traveling InstaMeet (#ig_ladakh14).

To see photos and videos of people meeting up all across the globe, browse the hashtags from these InstaMeets:


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Roundup of Worldwide InstaMeet 9

Did you participate in Worldwide InstaMeet 9 this weekend? We want to hear about it! Tell us more here.

The 9th Worldwide InstaMeet (#WWIM9) took place this weekend and was by far the most international InstaMeet to date! From Karachi to Moldova to Yokohama, thousands of Instagrammers gathered together to make photos and connect around a shared passion for capturing the world’s moments. Many communities got especially creative with their group shots, such as NYC, Barcelona, and Shanghai. Thank you all for making the Instagram community such an extraordinary place full of imaginative, dedicated and compassionate individuals who inspire us everyday!

Here is a sampling of some of the InstaMeets from this weekend that caught our eye:

To see more photos from these and other InstaMeets around the world, explore the #WWIM9 hashtag.


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This Weekend: #WWIM9

For more information on how to find a group of Instagrammers near you, visit After your meet has taken place, don’t forget to tell us about it through this form.

We’re putting the Weekend Hashtag Project on hold this weekend. Instead, we’re challenging people around the world to participate in the ninth Worldwide InstaMeet! Get together with a few close friends and explore or meet some new friends by joining a larger group in your local Instagram community. Share your best photographs and videos from the walk with the #WWIM9 hashtag for a chance to be featured on our blog Monday morning! Be sure to also include in your caption the location where your event took place along with the unique hashtag you’ve chosen for your InstaMeet.

Once you’ve had your meet, don’t forget to tell us about it here: Tell Us About Your InstaMeet.


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Counting Down to Worldwide InstaMeet 9

For more information on finding InstaMeets to join for #WWIM9 or how to host your own, visit our InstaMeets page.

Got plans this weekend? Join us May 17-18 for Worldwide InstaMeet 9 (#WWIM9)! This is one of the best ways to meet fellow Instagrammers in your city and share your experience with the global Instagram community.

There is still time to join an existing InstaMeet or organize your own at Find inspiration and more details at

Make sure to tag your photos and videos with the #WWIM9 hashtag to share your InstaMeet with the world!


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Behind the InstaMeet: @boylagi, Jakarta

In this series, we hear from the Instagrammers organizing InstaMeets in different parts of the world. To view more photos and videos from the InstaMeet in Kenawa Island, browse the #explorelombok2023 hashtag and follow @boylagi on Instagram.

For Jakarta Instagrammer Boy Hardy (@boylagi), Instagram is not only a place to share his creativity, but also a channel to develop new friendships and explore his home country of Indonesia. Over the past two years, Boy has organized more than 20 InstaMeets across Indonesia, ranging from small groups of five people to large-scale meets with more than 50 people. One of the most memorable InstaMeets for Boy is #explorelombok2023, a meetup he organized with Instagram friends from different cities at a tiny resort destination called Kenawa Island.


Boy’s inspiration always comes from meeting people, especially those he has never met before in person. “We always like, comment and joke around on Instagram, and I thought why don’t we go outside and meet up—it would be fun to get to know these cool friends in real life,” he says.

The Kenawa Island meetup grew out of a conversation with some visiting Instagrammers he was hosting. The casual idea soon became reality: “I called my Instagram friends in Lombok and asked them to join and also help us with logistics. There also was one new friend, a traveller, who joined the trip,” he explains.


Boy says it took two months to organize the trip to Kenawa Island, but for this and other InstaMeets, he has a few simple tips for organizing an InstaMeet:

  • Spread the word about your InstaMeet: “I usually tell my friends one by one or through group chats on messaging apps. I don’t always announce the InstaMeet to everybody and will decide who to inform depending on the size I want.”
  • Look for great locations: “The most important thing is ‘safety first.’ There are so many awesome places to explore, but it’s generally easier if someone in the group is familiar with the location (or locations—it doesn’t have to be just one spot).”
  • Have confidence in the attendance: “Don’t be afraid no one will come to your InstaMeet. Even if it’s a small group, they will join.”


Boy considers the past InstaMeets to be some of the most influential moments for him. “I’ve met so many new friends, and we’ve become a big family of Instagrammers in Indonesia. ‘From strangers to friends, from friends to family’—that’s what happens every time, but there still is something new in every InstaMeet.”


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#WWIM9 is Two Weeks Away!

Worldwide InstaMeet 9 (#WWIM9) is just two weeks away!

From Melbourne to Manitoba, hundreds of InstaMeets for the weekend of May 17-18 have already been planned all around the globe. Join an existing InstaMeet or organize your own at

Visit for helpful tips and tricks, and find inspiration by exploring past meet-ups.


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Announcing Worldwide InstaMeet 9: May 17-18

For more information on how to find a group of Instagrammers near you, visit and be sure to keep an eye on our InstaMeets page.

The dates are set for the next Worldwide InstaMeet! On May 17-18, join fellow Instagrammers around the world to celebrate #WWIM9. We’re announcing a month in advance to give you lots of time to plan or find an event in your area. Pick a time, a location, a unique hashtag and invite your Instagram friends to come along for a day of making photos and videos! For a really large meet-up, team up with a few other organizers and announce the event to your communities together on your Instagram feeds.

If you need a little inspiration, take a look at past InstaMeets and check out the Behind the InstaMeet series for practical tips on organizing a meet-up of your own!


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InstaMeet Roundup | 13

Are you participating in an InstaMeet soon? We want to hear about it! Tell us more here.

Since the earliest days of Instagram, people have been meeting up offline and forming real-life friendships. In only the past few weeks, Instagrammers from all around the world—places as diverse as Brazil, Germany, China, Russia and South Africa—have come together to connect and inspire one another. In Japan, a coordinated InstaMeet took place across three different cities (#sakurasaku_mwjp), and dozens of people traveled 100km for a meet-up at Sun Temple in Ahmedabad, India (#igaroadtrip).

To see photos and videos of people meeting up all across the globe, browse the hashtags from these InstaMeets:


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Exploring the Netherlands with the #supersizoobrothers

For more photos and videos from the Sizoo brothers, browse the #supersizoobrothers hashtag and follow @bastiaansizoo, @willemsizoo and @bob_sizoo on Instagram.

Going on photowalks on bitterly cold mornings may not be every teen’s idea of fun—but for three Dutch brothers, Bastiaan, Bob and Willem Sizoo, this regular occurrence has fueled their creative passion.

"We started using Instagram around one year ago," explains Bob. "It has allowed us to give our creativity a boost. It was, and still is, the reason why we wake up early to go out and take photos in the fog together or to document our travels to foreign countries."

New York Instagrammer Ilitch Peters @ilitchpeters added the hashtag #supersizoobrothers in a comment on one of their photos, and Bob said they decided to keep adding it to create “a place where everyone can see who we actually are and what we do.”

Their photos, while often taken together, demonstrate different styles and approaches. Fog, sunsets, #jumpstagrams and city scenes, however, are staples in all the brothers’ feeds.

"As a family, we travel a lot," adds Bob. "Most of our photos are taken in the Netherlands on foggy mornings or during chilly sunsets. A lot of my photos are also taken in larger cities in the Netherlands like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. We regularly meet up in cities with friends who we met through Instagram; we then go out and explore the city. Sometimes we organize InstaMeets together.”

As one of the younger groups of InstaMeet organizers in the area, more experienced Instagrammers often speak of how talented the trio are, and they hope to see more young groups like them coming together.

"I hope to inspire the new generation on Instagram to explore the world, take photos with their phone or camera from places they visit and to go to InstaMeets and meet new people." says Willem.