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A Look Inside Turkey’s Hierapolis-Pamukkale “Cotton Palace”

For more photos and videos from Pamukkale, browse the #Pamukkale hashtag and explore the Pamukkale Traventleri location page.

In Turkey’s southwest province of Denizli, white pools cover the landscape around a tiny cliffside village called Pamukkale, meaning “Cotton Palace” in Turkish. As calcium carbonate deposits flow down from hot springs above, the sediment collects in the lower limestone pools and shapes their snowy appearance. People have bathed in the Hierapolis-Pamukkale pools since 200 BCE when the ancient city of Hierapolis was erected near the top of the terrace to provide proximity to the spring and its restorative benefits. Today, local and visiting Instagrammers alike make the trek to partake in the ancient traditions and share the view of the valley below.


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The Mysterious and Melancholy Resin Figurines of @doubleparlour

To see more of Cassie and Ernie’s figurines come to life, follow @doubleparlour on Instagram.

“We like our characters to look as if they have a past that they may or may not be willing to share,” explains Ernie Velasco. He and his wife Cassie make up the San Francisco, California, artistic duo Doubleparlour (@doubleparlour). Their figurines, which radiate a mysterious sadness, are hand-sculpted from resin.

“We spend a lot of time discussing ideas and bouncing them off of each other,” explains Ernie. The two have a similar aesthetic, however, which aids the creative process. “We both like our characters to display personalities that are melancholy, dark, contemplative or mischievous.”

While Cassie and Ernie endow their creations with rich character, they hold back from illustrating any particular figure’s story. Ernie says, “We like to leave that up to the viewer.”


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Autumn Life in the Russian Countryside with @edgy_frog

To see more photo’s of Yulia’s country life, follow @edgy_frog on Instagram

“Spending time in my countryside house, ‘dacha,’ is always special for me, especially in autumn. It is sad that we can not capture the smell of autumn leaves or fallen apples on the ground in photography,” says Instagrammer Yulia Tepaeva (@edgy_frog) from Vladimir, Russia. “I love the aesthetic of the north. A morning fog, swallows flying around a nest above my window, wheat in my hand. These small details help create a special mood in my photography,” Yulia says. Her love of country life is visible throughout her Instagram feed. “I run through the wind in the forest, and in every type of weather, just to capture the perfect image. My phone and its battery always give up before I do.”


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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPballoons

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

This weekend’s prompt was #WHPballoons, which asked participants to capture creative photos and videos that feature balloons. Every Monday we feature some of our favorite submissions from the project, but be sure to check out the rest here.


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The Sound of Silence with @mentaylunares

For more images of Paula’s photographic soundtrack, follow @mentaylunares on Instagram.

Clarinetist Paula Amenta (@mentaylunares) from Mar del Plata, Argentina has always enjoyed capturing silence, in both her music and her photographs. “My favorite moment at concerts is the silence before the music begins,” she says. “I love the anticipation and the quietness which suggests so many things.”

Paula is also inspired by album covers. “They are as important as the music they contain,” she says. “My boyfriend is a musician and is recording an album, so I’m always shooting photographs which could become album covers.”


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A Picture Perfect Love Story with @elizabeth_wisdom and @Denislafargue

For more photos from Elizabeth and Denis’s wedding as it unfolds, follow @elizabeth_wisdom and @denislafargue on Instagram.

What started with small conversations through Instagram photo comments, became a fairy-tale love story for Elizabeth Wisdom (@elizabeth_wisdom) and Denis Lafargue (@denislafargue). After months of texting and eventually speaking on the phone, Elizabeth finally drove from Mineola, Texas to visit Denis in New Orleans, Louisiana. “I had seven hours to think about the fact that I was about to stay with the family of a man I had never met in person,” Elizabeth recalls of the nerve-wracking trip. But all fear vanished when they finally met. “Within moments of being together we both secretly knew that we were meant to be together,” Denis remembers, and in less than a year he proposed to the woman of his dreams. Denis printed out Instagram pictures from the trips to visit each other and formed a trail on the floor. “The trail of photos led me to the barn where Denis was standing with his guitar. He sang the most beautiful song he had written for this occasion and got down on one knee to propose to me,” Elizabeth recalls the romantic moment.

The couple now counts down the days to October 18 when they will finally tie the knot—and as they go they’re excited to continue sharing their story with the community. “There will be lots of moments shared on Instagram from the wedding day,” Elizabeth says. “I’m thankful for the people who have followed our relationship from the very beginning up to this point.”


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The Week on Instagram | 152


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Collecting ‘Battle Art’ from Young Illustrators with @secretwalls

For more disruptive art from Secret Walls battles at TEDxTeen, New York Comic-Con and other events around the world, follow @secretwalls and browse the #secretwalls hashtag on Instagram.

Terry Guy (@secretwalls) felt frustrated by the lack of opportunities for young artists in London, UK, so he decided to create a better, cooler way to showcase their work: illustration battles. Eight years later, the competitions—where artists draw against each other in front of a live audience—are part of an international movement called “Secret Walls.”

“The concept was inspired by some of my interests: comics, movies like ‘Fight Club,’ live art and graffiti,” says Terry. “It started out as 16 street artists. We never intended for the event to go global, but it did, quickly, because of social media.”

Participants are encouraged to experiment with different themes and styles, with only two restrictions: the piece must be completed during a 90-minute time frame, and the illustrator must use a monochromatic palette. Photos of the finished products are shared on the Secret Walls Instagram account, where credits range from amateurs to well-known artists from over 25 countries.

“Some artists end up battling aggressively with visual attacks on each other, while others just do their own thing and paint a beautiful mural,” says Terry. “At the end of the day, the mission of Secret Walls is to paint the whole world black and white, one pot of paint at a time.”


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Inside the Woodworker’s Workshop with @mokkouyamagen

For more photos and videos from Genki’s workshop, follow @mokkouyamagen on Instagram.

“The beautiful texture and grain of wood cannot be made by human hands,” says woodworker Genki Nishiyama (@mokkouyamagen) of Yokohama, Japan. Genki, who worked at a furniture factory for nearly 10 years, turned a worn-down warehouse into his own workshop to become an independent furniture maker and delve deeper into the craft.

“Solid wood continues to expand and contract with humidity, even after they are made into furniture,” Genki explains of the challenges he faces. “In a country like Japan where the four seasons bring rapid changes in the atmosphere, you really have to anticipate the arching movements of the wood in order to prevent the furniture from breaking.”

On Instagram, Genki likes to document not only the end products but also the tools and environment inside the workshop. “The heart and artistry of many people go into a product when it’s being made, and I think people will enjoy exploring that creation process.”


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Weekend Hashtag Project: #WHPballoons

Weekend Hashtag Project is a series featuring designated themes and hashtags chosen by Instagram’s Community Team. For a chance to be featured on the Instagram blog, follow @instagram and look for a post announcing the weekend’s project every Friday.

The Instagram community celebrated its fourth birthday this week, and we’ve decided to celebrate with balloons. The goal this weekend is to capture creative photos and videos that feature balloons. Some tips to get you started:

  • From a giant, multicolored balloon bouquet to a word made of silver inflated letters or even balloon animals, if you can dream it up, there are balloons for it. Let your creativity run wild.
  • Think about the effect of a single balloon compared to a group and what they’ll look in like in different places. A lone balloon in an unexpected location tells a very different story that large groupings assembled for a party.
  • Finally, from the process of inflation, a struggle against the wind to the final pop, balloons move in interesting ways. Keep these in mind for video—and don’t forget the balloons can be filled with more than just air.

PROJECT RULES: Please only add the #WHPballoons hashtag to photos and videos taken over this weekend and only submit your own photographs and videos to the project. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged image or video taken over the weekend is eligible to be featured Monday morning.