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InstaCity: Adelaide, South Australia

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InstaCity is a blog series that introduces you to local Instagram groups around the world.

With the Worldwide InstaMeet approaching on 11 March, Adelaide InstaMeet organizer Kalista (@k_thx) offered to share some details about her city’s meetups that we hope help you organize your own!

City: Adelaide, South Australia.

First InstaMeet: February 3rd, 2012.

Next InstaMeet: 11 March 2012.

What we do: Our first meet was a casual coffee catch up, at E for Ethel. The owner, Amanda, is an Instagrammer herself and has been super supportive. We’ll definitely have more social events in the future as well as photowalks, scavenger hunts and themed meets (e.g. petstagram). It’s early days for us, but the support and enthusiasm we’ve received has been overwhelming!

Attendance: We had 16 people at our first meet and have 60+ members on our Facebook group, which is growing daily!

How we organize: Our Facebook group is our main mode of communication. It seems to have the most reach. We’re also starting to utilize Twitter (@instadelaide) as well as posts within Instagram itself obviously! We’ve been tagging our photos with #instagramadelaide and #instameetadelaide.

What makes Adelaide unique: Adelaide is a small city and quite cliquey, but I think we’re using this to our advantage. Adelaide is the type of place where everyone knows everyone so it’s been quite easy to spread the word and build interest. During the summer the city steps it up a notch with festival after festival, including the Adelaide Fringe Festival and Womadelaide, among others. The population of the city swells with all manner of comedians, dancers and carnies, and the city comes alive. We way be small but we have a vibrant and ever-growing arts community and have received lots of support from people like Adelaide Tweet who have helped promote us. I foresee great things for Adelaide’s Instagram community!

Photos from in and around Adelaide, South Australia

Photos by dodge76, katejm, retroajw, thisisepic, dicotyledon, gamtch, kirstenleeee, k_thx, & othersuchthings.

Want your city’s meetup group featured here? Write us at instameet [at]

InstaCity: Portland

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InstaCity is a blog series that introduces you to local Instagram groups around the world. Portland InstaMeet organizer @grether shared some details about his city’s meetups with us. Want your city’s meetup group featured here? Write us at instameet [at]

City: Portland, Oregon

First InstaMeet: January 2010

Next InstaMeet: On January 14, a photowalk around the Hawthorne shopping district.

What we do: We’ve had dinner at restaurants, photowalks on the Willamette river or around the Eastside warehouse district, and most successfully, just relaxing in a big pub and shooting the breeze about new camera apps or phone accessories (like cases that connect to tripods and such).

Attendance: The biggest meetups we’ve had were 18 and 20 people, and the smallest was five.

How we organize: We use three things for organizing the events:, our Facebook group, and posts within Instagram itself.

What makes Portland unique: We have a lot of very quirky, tech-savvy people willing to dive into new apps and new tools. Nothing is off limits. I think part of it is that with all the misty rain, we tend to spend a good amount of time in coffee shops huddled over our iPhones for warmth. Also in general, the populace here is extremely quirky, as the documentary series, Portlandia, illustrates.  (What’s that you say? It’s fiction? Oh.) Anyway, that makes for excellent street photography.

All this is combined with the absolutely stunning beauty of the area. Not only is the city itself so lovely, nestled up against rolling, forested hills along two major rivers, but also it is a short distance to giant, ice-covered volcanoes or the beach or excellent wineries or rain forests. All sorts of weird animals and plants grow here too. I suppose all the misty rain produces oddities.

Photos from Portland

Photos by grether, chirs_in_pdx, krisrak, dsloanphoto, toris_pdx, merme, mckelveygeopdx, elcorazon, tanya_saaronhockley, riggsforlunch & ogomez.

InstaCity: Hong Kong

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InstaCity is a blog series that introduces you to Instagrammers in different parts of the world. We’ll feature a new city, and a new group of Instagrammers, in each installment. We love exploring the world through photos, and hope you’ll be inspired to follow some of the users we feature here to learn more about the city they call home.

This week, we’re taking you to Hong Kong! There’s an extremely active local group of Instagrammers in Hong Kong. During Hong Kong InstaMeets — dubbed HKInstaYays — local Instagrammers get together to make new friends and wander the city snapping photos. There have already been 9 HKInstaYays held in Hong Kong, with as many as 30+ Instagrammers in attendance.

We’d like to introduce you to four of the Instagrammers involved in the Hong Kong Instagram community. We encourage you to check out their photos and ask them about all the other great Instagrammers snapping beautiful mobile photos in Hong Kong.


@twheat: Instagram started as a way for me to keep in touch with friends and family when I first moved to Hong Kong. As I became aware of the community, it became much more. I’ve made lasting friendships with local IGers who’ve generously opened their hearts and shared this amazing city with me. Read Tyson’s post on Objective Scenes about the HKInstaYay meetups.

This is my favorite place in Hong Kong — a trail near Mt. Butler. It’s where I go when I need to escape the crowds. The view doesn’t suck, either, especially when the sun’s creeping through menacing storm clouds.


@aoyin: I started using Instagram out of my love for photography and, unexpectedly, joined a new family in the process: the HK InstaYay! I started the hashtag #blueskiesmonday to cheer everybody up and kick away Monday blues with some blue skies!

In Hong Kong, you find bits of local lives as well as Chinese and colonial heritage. This photo was taken in a local village; it shows an interesting contrast of the dried salted duck’s leg and the Bethanie Chapel.


@jethromullen: I got interested in Instagram through the main man of iPhoneography in Hong Kong, @twheat, and I haven’t looked back. I’ve met some great people through Instagram meet-ups in Hong Kong — on trams, up mountains and through city streets. And I’ve got to know some incredible photographers all over the world through the app.

I took this photo on my way to meet some friends for dim sum shortly after arriving back in Hong Kong from a trip overseas. This building caught my attention because it had so much of what makes Hong Kong a great city to photograph: lots of character, a mixture of different patterns and the mysteriousness to make you wonder who lives inside those rows and rows of apartments.


@furkidsinhk: I downloaded Instagram when I noticed it on the AppStore as a Featured App, in October 2010. After using it for around a month, fellow IGer @twheat contacted me and @rig_ to celebrate iPhoneography and Instagram by organizing meetups we call HKInstaYay. We’ve had 9 meetups so far, around various parts of HK, and we’re making friends with a truly wonderful bunch of people.

Taken on a hot and humid Hong Kong day, somewhere in Kowloon. Sunlight reflects off a glass tower behind me and onto the buildings in front. These buildings, and those around me, house an interesting mixture of people - Chinese bonesetting clinics, Latin dance studios, acupuncturists, and for me most interesting of all, Master Chan Yiu Lam who teaches the Dragon fist Kung Fu, and Wing Chun Grandmaster Ip Chun, eldest son of Ip Man - the master of Bruce Lee.

HKInstaYay photos at the top of this post are by @twheat and @thisiskiti

InstaCity: Berlin

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InstaCity is a weekly blog series that introduces you to Instagrammers in different parts of the world. We’ll feature a new city, and a new group of Instagrammers, in each installment. We love exploring the world through photos, and hope you’ll be inspired to follow some of the users we feature here to learn more about the city they call home.

This week, we’re taking you to Berlin, Germany! There’s an extremely active local group of Instagrammers in Berlin, and we’d like to introduce you to four of them.


Thomas (@thomas_k) has been on Instagram since last October, and in that time his photos have been featured across the web, including in Mashable’s article on mobile street photography. Thomas works near Potsdamer Platz in Berlin, and so it’s the place where most of his shots are taken. “I’ve always found this area interesting because of the modern architecture that surrounds it,” he says, “which I try to use it as background while shooting. The main reason why I’m still not tired of photographing Potsdamer Platz almost every day is that it always looks different to me somehow.” Check out a full interview with Thomas on

This photo was taken early in the morning on my way to work. It was quite dark and foggy so I didn’t expect it to turn out well. I chose this angle because I wanted the buildings to look somehow massive and huge with just a slice of white sky over the figure. The low light created a special effect I really enjoyed when the editing was finished. It made the picture look like it was taken many years ago. That’s one of the many things I appreciate about photographing in Berlin — it’s really hard to tell if your shot was taken yesterday or twenty years ago.


@aufgetaucht: I posted my first photo last November, and I never imagined that the app I downloaded that day would turn out to be the one I’d get addicted to so fast. I always try to post only my “treasures”, and not every single photo I shoot. Berlin is a great city to explore using your iPhone. I’m in love with its architecture and its colours. I dream of the day when I can meet my IG-friends from all around the world in Berlin and show them my city.

This photo was taken in a museum in Berlin. I was on a photowalk for 2 or 3 hours and the light was perfect for this kind of picture. I love shooting silhouettes or shadows of people, using them as my actors walking through the scene.


@herrkrueger: I joined Instagram the first week it was released and was immediately hooked . First, I was looking for an easy, beautiful way to share my daily morning pictures of Berlin to Tumblr, Twitter and Facebook, but it became so much more. My love for photos and the exploding Instagram community led to the start of the first Community Exhibition of Instagram photos, which took place in March - April 2010 in a cafe in the Bergmannkiez of Berlin, with more than 80 photographs from 10 European Instagram photographers.

This is with where it all started. The sunrise after dropping off my daughter at kindergarten was always so beautiful that I wanted to capture it somehow. In January 2009 I started a daily picture project on my Tumblr. Two years later, these daily pictures became a integral part of my life and help me to connect with the moment, the place and weather.


@king_fisher: I wasn’t that much into photography before I discovered Instagram in November last year. I don’t own a DSLR, so all pictures were taken with my iPhone 4 (except some of the very early posts in my stream). I love going on photowalks with other Instagrammers to get an idea of the people behind the photos I like most. When not taking pictures, I do web development, so as a logical consequence, I developed InstaChallenge, a free web service to manage challenges on Instagram as well as to produce photobooks (using a print-on-demand service) from the results.

This photo shows the mystery that surrounds the city of Berlin. It was taken on a photowalk with some other IGers from Berlin. We’re doing these walks quite often, mostly with different people. It shows the roof of the “Tempodrom”, a well-known venue for concerts and other events. I used Hipstamatic for this and added some filters for color and contrast corrections.

InstaCity: Chicago

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InstaCity is a weekly blog series that introduces you to Instagrammers in different parts of the world. We’ll feature a new city, and a new group of Instagrammers, in each installment. We love exploring the world through photos, and hope you’ll be inspired to follow some of the users we feature here to learn more about the city they call home.

This week, we’re taking you to Chicago, Illinois, USA! There’s an extremely active local group of Instagrammers in Chicago, and we’d like to introduce you to five of them.


@ryanpostel: I joined Instagram on October 6th, 2010, the very first day it came out. I was just looking for a photo effects app that day and didn’t realize I was downloading the app that would be my most-used app and create an inspiring new creative community of friends. The Instagram group in Chicago is amazing and we have meetups every few weeks. It’s amazing to me how an iPhone app could connect complete strangers with a shared interest in photography in such a life-changing way. I’m challenged and inspired every day by my Instagram friends. Because of instagram, my iPhone camera has replaced my DSLR.

Left: One of my favorite things to do is take photos that change people’s perception of Chicago. Most people don’t know that Chicago has beautiful, scenic beaches and don’t believe this could exist in the Midwest. I took this shot because, on this cold autumn afternoon, the north side beach was completely empty and the symmetry was absolutely captivating to me. It looks so deceptively surreal, tropical, and warm to me. Chicago has so many dimensions besides a skyline.

Right: This photo was taken in one of the most scenic places in Chicago: Millennium Park. No matter how many times I visit the park, I still find new areas I love. I jumped down into the little water retention area to get this shot. Normally there’s too much water to jump in, but luckily that day the water was low enough for me to grab the rare shot. I love how the reflection of the water gives new symmetry to the scene. It’s so crisp and clear that it feels like a whole other world exists underneath.


@jmharch: As an architect, Chicago is the place to be. So much of what has shaped the profession in the past 150 years has occurred here - it’s amazing. The gamut runs from Louis Sullivan and Frank Lloyd Wright to Mies van der Rohe and more. The Great Fire in 1873 created a fresh start from which Chicago has never looked back. In general, Chicagoans take their architecture seriously and I love to share my perspective on it via my photography. Instagram has been a great outlet to do that and find out about others’ perspectives as well.

Left: This photo was taken during the most recent IGersChicago InstaMeet. We toured the Chicago Cultural Center. The building originally housed the Chicago Public Library and has some amazing architectural details including this stained glass dome by Louis Comfort Tiffany.

Right: This photo, showing part of a pedestrian bridge designed by the architect Frank Gehry, was taken on a walk earlier this fall in Millennium Park.


@chicagomatt: Instagram enables me to share my love of Chicago with the world. Many of the comments I receive are either from people who used to live here and miss it, or from people who have never been and now see reasons to come visit! I enjoy shooting everything from the amazing architecture to the back alleys and fire escapes. Being a part of the IgersChicago group, I’ve met so many great people who are as addicted to Instagram as I am.

Left: I normally wouldn’t pull out my iPhone in a subway station, but I saw this shot as I came down the escalator and had one of those “moments” where I had to capture it. The lines of the ceiling being drawn towards the opposite end looked awesome.

Right: The “L” is one of my favorite Chicago things to photograph. I captured this shot as it passed by the very colorful Harold Washington Library.


@jbcopeland: My photos on Instagram are the story I tell about the “everydays” of my life. With very few exceptions, my Instagrams are posted the same day I took them with my iPhone. And I love that Instagram lets me in on the “everydays” of people in India, Russia, Japan, Norway, Great Britain and even here amongst my friends in the States. The people I follow on Instagram inspire me to stop and take notice in the everydays. I only hope I inspire others to do the same.

Left: My job keeps me moving all around town on a daily basis. This photo from last week was a moment I caught looking out the window from one of my client’s offices in a building that overlooks Millennium Park. I happened to be there at dusk when the light caught the silhouette of the Loop skyline and the glint of Anish Kapoor’s Cloud Gate sculpture. This picture sums up a lot of what I love about living here in Chicago.

Right: As I finished a long run in Lincoln Park, I thought Fullerton Street looked an especially brilliant shade of yellow, and the couple strolling down the sidewalk gave it all the right perspective. Hard to believe that in just a few weeks this scene will be completely white with snow.


@agentluke: The Instagram community has inspired me in many different ways. Most notably, it’s inspired me to run a stream full of step-by-step tutorials submitted by a small but growing group of mobile photographers and designers. The stream, @ideaexchange, is aimed towards showing new users how to best take advantage of many applications out there, as well as expose seasoned mobile artists to new techniques.                                                                                                                                                                                    

Left: Who’s to say what’s what. This is The Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art, in Ukrainian Village. This street photography shot combines two things I love the most about Chicago: its people and its architecture, and the way they create history together.

Right: Streeterville Reflection. It’s good to go out after a little rain. There seems to be a different dynamic as to how Chicagoans go about their day. It’s refreshing to see orderly disorder. And put it in your pocket or share it with the world, of course.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little about the Chicago Instagram community! If you have suggestions for cities and users we should feature next, reblog this post and let us know!

InstaCity: New York City

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InstaCity is a blog series that introduces you to Instagrammers in different parts of the world. We’ll feature a new city, and a new group of Instagrammers, in each installment. We love exploring the world through photos, and hope that you’ll be inspired to follow some of the users we feature here.

This week, we’re taking you to New York City!


Brian DiFeo helps organize the NYC InstaMeets, one of the largest Instagram meetup groups in the world (last month, they hosted a scavenger hunt!). Brian takes photos that reflect his daily routine, going to and from work: “I cross the Hudson River between downtown Jersey City to Downtown Manhattan,” he says, “so my pictures typically include cityscapes, building architecture, and water. While I may post the occasional candid shot, I prefer to capture sunlight, reflection, and shadows.”

@bridif: Walking home last evening…


Meet Clayton. He lives in Brooklyn and commutes by bicycle to Manhattan every day for work. Along the way, he snaps photos on his iPhone. Crossing the Manhattan Bridge one evening, he captured this beautiful shot of a tugboat. “I got 3 shots off before the tugboat disappeared under the bridge,” he says. “I uploaded the shot to Instagram that night.”

@brooklens: Southbound tug on the East River


Noi Mendoza is a 33-year-old iPhoneographer based in Queens, NYC. She started her foray into iPhoneography in mid-2009 when her husband gave her his hand-me-down iPhone 2G. To this day, she is still using the same iPhone. “Instagram has allowed me to connect with other iPhoneographers in a different and more meaningful way than other social media platforms,” she says. “The Instagram groups and InstaMeets go a long way to build a sense of community among local iPhoneographers here in NYC,” she says.

@noinyc: As I was walking to the subway after work this evening, I saw this man dressed up as a toy soldier. What a sight!


David Castillo likes taking pictures of people on the streets with the city as the background. When taking a break from work or classes, he takes photos and shares them with the Instagram community. “The main reason I love Instagram is the community,” he says. “Instagram for me is much more than an app.”

@frozen_embers: Park her car


Native New Yorker Lolita is a street photographer who’s had a passion for photography since childhood. She enjoys taking photos in the subway most of all, capturing the eccentricities, ethnicities and emotions of New York City. “My most interesting moment using Instagram occurred while taking candid photos of a homeless man, who was approached by a well-dressed man offering food in a large doggie bag,” she says. “It was such a beautiful, private moment, and it was such a thrill to capture it and then share it to the world on Instagram.”“

@lolitalens: Serendipity

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