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Celebrating Hannukah on Instagram

To see more photos and videos from Hannukah celebrations around the world, browse the #Hannukah, #Chanukah, #dreidel and #menorah hashtags.

Over the past eight days, Jews across the world have come together with family and friends to celebrate Hannukah, the festival of lights.

Hannukah, also spelled Chanukah, begins on the 25th of the Jewish month of Kislev, causing the timing of the holiday to vary each year between late November and late December. The festival commemorates the Maccabee rebellion of 167 BCE, when a Jewish group regained control of their Temple in Jerusalem after it had been occupied by Syrian-Greek soldiers. They set out to burn ritual oil in the Temple’s menorah for eight days to purify the holy space, but found there was only enough oil left to burn for one day. As the story goes, however, the oil miraculously burned for the full eight days.

Now, Jews celebrating Hannukah come together at sunset to light candles in their own menorahs—one a night for eight nights in memory of the ancient miracle. Other Hannukah traditions involve spinning the dreidel—a traditional children’s game—and eating fried potato pancakes called latkes.


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Giving Thanks as Holidays Collide

Thursday marked a once-in-a-lifetime holiday as Thanksgiving and the first full day of Hanukkah shared the same calendar date for the first time since 1888, a confluence that won’t occur again for tens of thousands of years.

Images of turkeys and latkes—and even an occasional “menurky"—from around the world flooded our Instagram feeds as friends and families gathered to celebrate and share these special holiday events.

We saw record usage as Instagrammers shared a heaping helping of holiday cheer. Your Thanksgiving and Hanukkah-related photos and videos helped make yesterday our busiest day on Instagram so far.

We continue to be inspired by our community and are truly humbled that so many of you choose to capture and share your holiday moments on Instagram. So from the Instagram team to you, we say “thank you.” We hope you enjoy a safe and happy holiday season.