Along for the Ride with GoPro’s @calebfarro

Never kiteboarded? Never done a backflip on skis? Never free-dove with humpback whales?

Worry not. GoPro (@GoPro) production assistant Caleb Farro (@calebfarro) will take you along for the ride. Caleb’s first job after graduating from the University of Southern California last year was to follow GoPro athletes off huge jumps during their skiing events and capture their tricks on film (check one of his videos out here). Since his first skiing gigs, Caleb’s gone on to shoot mountain bikers, heli-skiiers in New Zealand, and free-divers in Tonga. This winter, he’ll head to Sochi, Russia with Lindsey Vonn (@lindseyvonn) for the Skiing World Cup.

Caleb says extreme photography and videography is “all about being calm in the air and having a steady hand so you can really nail the shot.” Throughout his travels, he posts photos to Instagram, explaining “I really want to share my stoke with everybody on Instagram and want to inspire others to get out there and have a blast. I’m all about the giggles and high fives with friends, and what I like about Instagram is how positive everybody is when you post a rad photo.”

To see more of Caleb’s photos, be sure to follow him on Instagram at @calebfarro, check out his web profile (below), and visit his travel blog.