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Welcome to the Instagram blog! See how Instagrammers are capturing and sharing the world's moments through photo and video features, user spotlights, tips and news from Instagram HQ.


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Follow Friday: The Olympics on Instagram

If you’re not one of the 10,500 athletes, 7,000 officials or 800,000 spectators that are making the trip to the Olympics this year, fret not. Athletes, teams and the @Olympics themselves will be sharing photos from #London2012 on Instagram.

The games begin on July 27th and many of the athletes, coaches, family members and officials are making their way to the UK now. Be sure to follow these Instagrammers for a behind the scenes peek:

Follow Friday: Instathemes!

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@payphones - Dan Marker-Moore, a motion designer from Los Angeles, has an obsession with pay phones and we couldn’t be happier about it! His themed Instagram account, and the hashtag #payphoneography, have become a beautiful tribute to these rarely used and often neglected public telephones.

@dailyfortune - Sarah Palmer is a photographer, designer, and creative craftyperson from San Francisco. She’s also a curator of wonderful words of wisdom and prophecies found inside of fortune cookies!

@dmeek - Demond Meek, a photographer in St. Louis, has begun collecting and sharing fantastic photographs of buildings that are often decaying in a hashtag series he’s called #SlumBeautiful.

@houseoffriedman - Christopher Friedman is a artist and musician in Southern California who shares photographs of unique and often antique objects from around his house delicately placed in the palm of his hand in his series #oneinthehand.

We love discovering accounts and users who challenge themselves to stick with a theme, or create a series, on Instagram! Do you follow an account or user that sticks to an Instatheme that you adore? Let us know! Send us a note through Tumblr!

Follow Friday: Travel

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From hotels to pilots, there are plenty of ways to get your travel fix through Instagram photos. Here are a few of our favorite accounts!

@thestandard - Hotel

@virginamerica - Airline

@seeaustralia - Tourism

@bkindler - Pilot

The photo at the top is by @nikosono.

Follow Friday: Athletes on Instagram

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From boxers to surfers to sprinters, there’s an incredible group of top notch athletes sharing their photos on Instagram. Below we’ve gathered together a sampling of our favorite accounts. With the Olympics just around the corner, be sure to stay tuned to them and our other notable athletes as they prepare for London 2012!

@tonyhawk - Skateboarding

@serenawilliams - Tennis

@kaka - Soccer

@af85 - Track

@kellyslater - Surfing

The top photo of Kevin Durant (@trey5) was taken by the Oklahoma City Thunder (@okcthunder).

Follow Friday: Tattoo Artists on Instagram

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Tattooing has been around for many centuries spanning numerous cultures throughout the world. The art form may still have a few remaning taboos surrounding it, but its popularity has been on the rise and many artists are gaining notoriety for their craft. Tattoos may not be your cup of tea, but there is certainly no denying the beauty and skill behind this artform.

Here are just a few of the many tattoo artists from around the world sharing the progression and final results of their work on Instagram:

Eva Schatz - Salzburg, Austria

Nick Chaboya - San Francisco, California

Jo Harrison - World Traveler, from England

Kris Magnotti - New York, New York

The photo at the top is by Horitake - Japan.

Follow Friday: Visual Arts on Instagram

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The visual arts and Instagram are a match made in creative heaven. Every day galleries and museums take us behind the scenes, photographers share their craft, and painters and sculptors offer a peek into their processes. Here are a few of the visual artists and art institutions that have caught our team’s eye.


Mysterious French “photograffeur” who won the Ted Prize in 2011. JR posts behind-the-scenes pictures of the installation of his massive photographs on public buildings. 



Run by the founder and editor of, online magazine covering contemporary, low brow and street art. 



German Pop/Street gallery sharing shots of their artists and artwork.



Twin brothers and two of the world’s most famous graffiti artists. They post pictures of their work in progress, from the streets of São Paulo to the galleries of New York. 


The photo at the top is by @pietparra