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Finding Quiet Moments on Local Farms with @wings_of_tin

For more lush portraits of life on small farms, follow @wings_of_tin on Instagram.

“Farming is the dedication of your life to the stewardship of plants from seed to harvest, for better or for worse, in good weather or bad, through pest and disease, at all hours,” says Nikki Seibert (@wings_of_tin). “All of this back-breaking and often heart-wrenching work is done to provide food for family, friends and neighbors.”

Nikki spends almost every day working with local farms in Charleston, South Carolina, where she runs a sustainable agriculture program for organic farmers.

“I’m a ‘farmer of farmers’,” she jokes. “A childhood filled with outdoor adventures, hardworking parents, and countless hours spent building, growing and fixing things created the trifecta for me to end up in a career in agriculture.”

Nikki uses Instagram to showcase her favorite colorful crops and the green, flourishing landscapes of the farmlands she visits.

“I hope my pictures show how important it is to support the people and places that make your community unique,” she says. “Also, how much I love playing in the dirt.”


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Roll Up Your Sleeves with Farmers on Instagram

It’s no secret that Instagram can be a great place to find amazing photos and videos of food. From food photographers like @sonyayu and @danielkrieger to chefs and magazines such as @jamieoliver and @bonappetitmag sharing shots of their best meals, it’s easy to drum up an appetite scrolling through your feed.

Food on Instagram goes far deeper than just what ends up on the plate, however. Whether in the country, on a city rooftop or at the market, many farmers from around the world have taken to Instagram to share their daily routines complete with the joys and struggles farming life brings. For a glimpse into life on the farm, check out these farmers on Instagram:

  • Stacey Walker, farmer with an eye for foggy landscapes and machines at work — @iphonefarmer
  • Tucker Taylor, culinary gardener in Northern California — @farmert
  • Ben Hole, farmer documenting his idyllic herds in Isle of Purbeck, England — @benjaminhole
  • Anette, Instagrammer capturing sprawling crop fields and soaring skies — @pinkrumba
  • Brooklyn Grange Farm, the world’s largest rooftop soil farm set in New York City - @brooklyngrange