Dutch Artist Florentijn Hofman’s Duck Visits Hong Kong

To view more photos of the famed rubber ducky, be sure to visit the Harbour City 海港城 location page and browse the #florentijnhofman hashtag.

Since the beginning of May, Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman’s 16-meter (52-foot) rubber duck has turned Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour into a giant bathtub. Instagrammers there have captured the giant duck’s daily travels about the harbor and were on hand to photograph its deflation in mid-May (part of scheduled maintenance work according to the exhibition organizers).

The giant rubber ducky has been touring the globe since 2007, making appearances in Osaka, Sydney, Sao Paulo, and Amsterdam before coming to Hong Kong. The artist hopes the work will make people feel young again, bring them together and encourage a connection with public art. The duck will leave Hong Kong on June 9 and heads to the United States next.