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Portraying Pit Bulls with @sophiegamand

To see more flower-power pups, follow @sophiegamand on Instagram and check out some of Sophie’s favorite rescue accounts: @nyanimalrescue, @secondchancerescuenyc, @animalhaven, @tohanimalshelter.

New York photographer Sophie Gamand (@sophiegamand) first started the Pit Bull Flower Power series to show the breed in a new, softer light. She teamed up with several rescue groups to photograph pit bulls that were up for adoption with a new perspective to open hearts. Sophie creates headpieces for every photo shoot, patiently gluing fake flowers together in different shapes and sizes then matching the color and styles to the dog. “People are afraid of them, but the fact I was able to put flower crowns on their heads and photograph them like this says a lot about their temperament! They were all sweet and loving.”

When it comes to working with canine models, Sophie explains her process: “I make little noises behind the camera to catch their attention when I photograph the dogs, and very often they would come over to check on me and kiss me.”

On set, Sophie has a handler to help distract the dogs from the crowns delicately balanced on their heads. She views the shoot as a mini-training session for the dogs. “Usually after the shoot they are ready to go to bed.”


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The Art of #muttmuggin with @muttadventures

For more photos of mutts in mugs, browse the #muttmuggin hashtag and follow @muttadventures on Instagram.

"Over the last couple of years I have fallen in love with the creative, unique and supportive community on Instagram," says Emily McCracken (@muttadventures), who shares whimsical portraits of her three rescued pups: Gertie the bull terrier, Boston the Dane mix and George the mutt. “It has allowed me to connect with people around the globe.”

Several months ago, Sarah posted a photo of George that would spark a new trend: #muttmuggin. “I was originally inspired when a friend showed me #babymugging photos by the ever talented @mommyshorts,” explains Emily. “The pictures were hilarious and adorable, so naturally I put George (my ‘fur-kid’) inside a mug.”

Since then, hundreds of other canines and their human accomplices have joined in. Interested in giving #muttmuggin a shot? Emily offers these tips:

  • "Every dog photographer needs to have three things on hand: a full bag of smelly treats, a nice squeaky toy and a tennis ball (or two). If you make it a fun experience for your pup, she or he will enjoy all the #muttmuggin that you can offer!
  • "For me #muttmuggin is all about the pup. Focus in on him or her and try to capture a funny angle, maybe a sideways mug or give a ‘bottoms up’ shot a try. Have fun with it!
  • "Try capturing the picture from the dog’s point of view, get down to their level, or set them up on a sofa or bed."


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Instagramming the 138th Westminster Dog Show

To see more photos from the Westminster Kennel Club’s 138th Annual Dog Show, follow @westminsterkennelclub on Instagram, browse the #wkcdogshow hashtag and explore the Madison Square Garden and Piers 92/94 location pages.

Canine lovers and connoisseurs from around the globe have descended upon New York City for the Westminster Kennel Club’s (@westminsterkennelclub) 138th Annual Dog Show. The two-day event kicked off on Monday at Piers 92 and 94 in Midtown Manhattan and at Madison Square Garden. This year, 2,845 dogs from 190 breeds and varieties are competing for the coveted “Best in Show” title.

For the first time, the Kennel Club opened its competitions to mixed-breed dogs with the Masters Agility Championship, which took place on Sunday. This year also saw three new additions to the list of approved WKC breeds: the rat terrier, the Portuguese Podengo Pequeno and the Chinook.


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Hashtag Highlight: @ifitwags’s #peanutbutterseries

See more amazing photos and videos of dogs licking peanut butter from their noses by following @ifitwags and browsing the #peanutbutterseries hashtag.

The origins of the #peanutbutterseries, started by Stephanie McCombie (@ifitwags) and her two German Shorthair Pointers, are just as straightforward as you might imagine. “I was watching the boys eating peanut butter one day and burst out laughing at the faces they were making,” says Stephanie of her pups Travis and Gus, “so I grabbed my camera and started shooting. The photos ended up being so funny I wanted to see other dogs in action!”

Since the first #peanutbutterseries photo was posted last month, Travis and Gus—both rescues whom Stephanie calls #thepointerbrothers—have inspired hundreds of other pups and their humans to break out jars of peanut butter and start snapping.

Want to join in on the fun? Stephanie offers these tips: “Don’t be afraid of a little mess and have lots of peanut butter on hand. Shooting in a space with lots of light works best… must avoid blurry tongues!”


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@BorderNerd’s Canine #CatchSeries

"I noticed that my dogs make the funniest faces when catching treats," says Aki (@bordernerd), who shares photos of her two retired search and rescue dogs on Instagram. “So I decided to photograph them catching different things … balls, kibbles, treats and such. Bubbles gave me the funniest pictures.”

Aki catalogs these striking and often humorous photos with the #catchseries hashtag. Since sharing her first #catchseries photo, hundreds of other dogs have joined the fun.

Interested in trying your hand at a #catchseries portrait with your pup? Aki offers these tips: “Take the pictures in daylight or in a well lit area to avoid blurry pictures. Learn the timing by tossing small treats. I usually press the shutter as I toss the item. There are no rules with #catchseries as long as you and the dog have good time!”

For more photos, browse the #catchseries hashtag and follow Aki, Jazzy and Cooper on Instagram: @bordernerd.

User Feature: The Pets of Instagram

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Anyone who’s ever had a bad day knows the power of a well-timed pet photo popping up in their Instagram feed. There is no shortage of beautiful animals in the world, or talented photographers taking pictures of them, but here are a few of our favorites.











Who’s your favorite animal-snapping Instagrammer? Send us a note through Tumblr.

The photo at the top is by @noire_et_blanche.