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The Making Of: @alliedmaker’s Handcrafted Lighting

To see more photos and videos showing how Allied Maker designs and builds handcrafted lighting, follow @alliedmaker on Instagram.

While attending art school, the founder of lighting design firm Allied Maker (@alliedmaker), Ryden Rizzo, quickly realized that spending hours in front of the computer was not for him. “I always worked a lot of freelance jobs doing web design, photography and video,” says Ryden. However, he found it frustrating working for clients that didn’t share his minimal design sense. “School became a way to experiment with new mediums.”

Ryden became fascinated with the intersection of design and music. He taught himself basic woodworking from watching videos on YouTube. “I then knew I wanted a more traditional education, so I found a small school in Vermont where I was taught how to build my own classical guitar. We spent a month in near isolation crafting our guitars from scratch using traditional hand tools under the guidance of our master craftsman.

"When I returned home," says Ryden, "I instantly cleaned out my garage and set up a basic woodworking studio."

A year later, Allied Maker has grown into a three-person team making beautiful handcrafted lighting from Ryden’s garage and sharing the process on Instagram.

"I joined Instagram because I needed a way to document the work I was doing," Ryden says. "I was instantly captivated and inspired by the work of other people—Instagram has given me the ability to receive instant feedback from a community who shares my passion for design and craftsmanship."

Ryden values the feedback he receives from others, but also uses Instagram to better understand his own artistic process. “From inspiration to finished product, sharing and documenting my design practice has made me more observant of my own artistic flow.”


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Designing Instagram’s Logo

You may have noticed in last week’s update that the Instagram logo got a fresh look. Mackey Saturday (@saturday), a designer and typographer from Denver, Colorado, is the creative force behind Instagram’s logo.

An avid Instagrammer, Mackey committed himself to creating a logo that would resonate with the community: “My hope is that the new design maintains all the excitement and delight that Instagram has had from the beginning, but with an even more polished finish,” Mackey says.

Mackey spent countless hours collaborating with our team until the final design emerged. “I want people to know and see that every last detail is always being considered and that this is a place where they can confidently create and share new memories for years to come. I’m honored to have a part in helping further those moments and hope that this piece becomes synonymous with fond memories, joyful emotions, and thrilling aspirations for the community.”

See more of Mackey’s design work at his website and learn more about the process behind the Instagram logo on his Dribbble profile.