Cut Paper Art with @mor__anna

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For Swedish illustrator and designer Anna Olsson (@mor__anna), Instagram is an important part of her artistic process. She likes to capture and share creative inspirations such as nature, traditional crafts and geometric shapes. Anna fuses these elements together and transforms them into beautifully handcrafted artwork made out of colored papers, often painted with watercolor or acrylics.

"I use a paper cut technique that inspires and encourages me to reduce and simplify the motifs," says Anna. "I want my artwork to have a handmade expression. For example, scissor-cut edges and brush strokes."

Anna started using the camera app on her iPhone as a tool to snap samples of her work in progress. She takes photos of the assembled paper pieces and moves them around until she finds the right arrangement before gluing the pieces in place. Anna quickly saw the value in sharing these photos on Instagram as a way to collect reactions from others to further shape her work. “I discovered that Instagram is a great community to get responses and feedback,” she explains. “I really appreciate all the comments and likes I receive on my feed!”