#HurricaneSandy, One Year Later

On October, 22, 2012, a tropical storm formed in the Caribbean Sea that would come to be known as Hurricane Sandy. Over the next week, Sandy would take the lives of at least 268 people and cause more than $68 billion in damages, making it the second costliest hurricane in US history.

First hitting Jamaica and Cuba, Sandy then made its way up the Atlantic coast of the United States, finally coming ashore just north of Atlantic City, New Jersey. On October 29, Sandy’s 13-foot storm surge submerged large swaths of northern New Jersey and New York City. Many of those who bore witness to the devastation shared it with the world on Instagram.

Due largely to delays in recovery funding, many areas impacted by the storm remain damaged to this day.

Explore the #HurricaneSandy hashtag for photos, videos and stories from those affected by the storm.