A Look into the United States Deep Freeze

For more photos and videos from the freeze, explore the #chiberia and #deepfreeze hashtags.

Earlier this week, arctic winds from the North Pole descended unusually far southward, bringing record freezing temperatures and a deep freeze to many states throughout the midwestern and eastern United States. A result of a distortion in the northern wind patterns known as the polar vortex, the sudden change caused temperatures to drop as much as 50 degrees during a single day in some locations. Cities such as Minneapolis, Minnesota, have seen heavy snowfall and temperatures nearing -40ºF (-40ºC). Chicago, Illinois, has been especially impacted by the deep freeze, leading to the creation of the #chiberia hashtag to document the cold conditions.

Though officials have cautioned residents in these states to minimize outdoor exposure, many have taken the time to explore the frigid conditions and share their experiences through photos and videos on Instagram.