In the Ceramics Studio with @shopmazama

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"We take a design and production approach that blends both the technical and the organic," declares Mazama (@shopmazama), a collective of six craftspeople in Portland, Oregon, that produces a variety of ceramics by hand and shares the process on Instagram. “We take our inspiration from those studios and the people whose love of their craft was what fueled their commitment to creating.”

"We all have a creative background, ranging from industrial design to fashion and interior design," says Casey Keasler, one of the studio’s artists. "We were all on Instagram with personal accounts, so it only seemed natural to have a Mazama account."

Instagram gives Mazama a way to share everyday scenes from around the studio, and photos and videos of the creation process cultivate a deeper appreciation for their craft. Casey explains, “It’s been a wonderful tool to share our ceramics and the process with a wider community.”