Instagrammers Explore Argentina’s Cementerio de La Recoleta

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In Argentina’s capitol, Buenos Aires, the city’s most expensive stretch of real estate is not made up of luxury apartments, corporate skyscrapers or ultimately any buildings designed for the living. Rather, the most expensive price tags belong to El Cementerio de La Recoleta (Recoleta Cemetery): 15 acres of land that house over 4,500 mausoleums and above-ground tombs.

Founded in 1822 as the first public cemetery in Buenos Aires, El Cementerio adopted the layout of a small city with tree-lined blocks of mausoleums that boast elaborate funerary sculptures from a broad range of artistic styles. Alongside numerous stray cats, the cemetery has also come to house some of the country’s most illustrious figures, including Nobel Prize winners, military heroes, many of the nation’s presidents and—perhaps most famously—first lady Eva Perón.