Capturing Moments in Rural Brazil with @suckeruser

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“Once when I was really little, I found my mother’s camera lying around. I grabbed it without her permission and went around taking photographs. When she found out she was pretty angry, especially because film was so expensive at the time. I remember begging her to let me reveal the film, since I was dying to see the photos I’d taken. I think that was the day I fell in love with photography as well as the possibility of capturing moments,” recalls Brazil Instagrammer Eduardo Pedro (@suckeruser).

16-year-old Eduardo is now in his first year of college studying law, though he says his true love is photography. Growing up in a rural part of of the northeastern state of Ceará contributed to his love of photography: “The simplicity and beauty of things here inspires me both in my life and in my photography.” When shooting, he often uses his friends as models. “My friends definitely suffer a bit with me behind the camera. I’m always telling them to jump, run and lie down. I guess they are more guinea pigs than models.”

Eduardo’s passion extends to both analog and mobile photography. He says, “I love shooting on my phone. I think mobile photography has allowed lots of people to develop their eye as photographers, reinforcing that what really matters is the creativity one uses rather than the equipment itself. It’s been wonderful to see photography evolve and people start to recognize its ability to eternalize moments. That is really beautiful.”