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Hashtag Highlight: Getting the #CatBand Together

To see more videos of people “playing” their cats (or patient felines putting up with their owners), explore the #catband hashtag.

It all started when Philadelphia Instagrammer Julie Amalone (@julieamalone) posted a video in which she “played” her cat Lily like a ukulele.

"@julieamalone, can Sketchie and I join your band?" fellow Philadelphian and designer Kenny Kim (@beggarsnthieves) asked in the caption of a video where he pretended his cat was a bagpipe. Kenny tagged his reply with #catband—and a new meme was born.

Since then, cats from around the world have been transformed into pretend pianos, trumpets, trombones, harmonicas and even theremins.


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A Visit to Japan’s Cat Island: Tashirojima (田代島)

For more photos and videos of Tashirojima’s cats, explore the 田代島 location page.

Off the Oshika Peninsula on the eastern shore of Japan sits Tashirojima (田代島), a small island that is home to about 100 people and hundreds of cats. “Cat Island,” as Tashiorjima is commonly called, was once home to a fishing industry and about 1,000 people, but the population has steadily declined and aged since its peak in the 1950s.

The island’s cats—believed to bring good fortune by locals—are Tashirojima’s biggest draw these days. Feline fanatics that are lucky enough to make the journey can also explore the island’s many cat shrines and cat-shaped stone monuments.

User Feature: The Pets of Instagram

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Anyone who’s ever had a bad day knows the power of a well-timed pet photo popping up in their Instagram feed. There is no shortage of beautiful animals in the world, or talented photographers taking pictures of them, but here are a few of our favorites.











Who’s your favorite animal-snapping Instagrammer? Send us a note through Tumblr.

The photo at the top is by @noire_et_blanche.