Capturing Caracas with @l_navas

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Caracas Instagrammer Luis Navas (@l_navas) uses Instagram to capture images of his hometown in Venezuela. His photos offer a glimpse into the dangerous streets of his world, and are often taken from above. He explains, “It’s not easy to grab your phone and take a picture without risking being mugged. I try to shoot in places where I feel relatively safe, but in Caracas you never really know. I’ve lost so many good pictures in the street out of fear. Still, I try to make my best effort to take photos and just trust my gut. Shooting in the street is an attempt to make my gallery a reflection of what I see, live and think,” he says.

Luis, a creative VP for an advertising agency, also plays guitar in the band Los Que Rezan and has always been interested in design, music and photography. Born and raised in Caracas, Luis has seen his home country change a great deal over the years. He recalls, “I had a nice childhood in a democratic version of Venezuela where life didn’t revolve around politics and polarization. We had problems—just like any other Latin American country—but nothing like in this day and age.”