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Feats of Incredible Strength and Flexibility with @rubberlegz

For more breakdance contortionism, follow @rubberlegz on Instagram.

Professional dancer Rauf Yasit (@rubberlegz) can stretch into such seemingly impossible shapes that you might think he has no bones in his body. His self-portraits on Instagram are called “Freezes” that he says require him to “click, run, and quickly get into the pose.” Some positions he can hold for only a few seconds, others for much longer. “With time you get to know your body,” he says. “You grow into it.”

The son of a folk dance teacher from Kurdistan who would make him perform traditional Kurdish dances at weddings, Rauf fell in love with breakdancing as a 12-year-old in Germany. His life as Rubber Legz began when an early back injury forced him to take a different approach, shifting his focus from acrobatics to flexibility. He started watching contortion videos and integrated elements of yoga into his breakdance moves. Rauf is now a full-time dancer with his stage group, Flying Steps, who are currently on tour in Germany. He’s also at work on a book that will feature his poses across the landscapes of Reykjavik, Iceland. He says he wants to “express pure and beautiful things” with his dancing and credits the Instagram community as a motivation for pushing the boundaries of his art—and flexibility.


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#Instabreakin with @kchensays

From the light industrial cityscape of downtown Los Angeles, to the scenic vistas of Chino Hills, Kevin Chen (@kchensays on Instagram) has probably breakdanced it.

In August, Kevin posted his first #instabreakin photo, and since then has showcased his skills – and Los Angeles’s diverse scenery – with over a hundred #instabreakin photos.

Chen, who’s been breakdancing since 8th grade, uses his photos as an excuse to get out and see the city: “I always love venturing to new spots to take photographs because in a sense, exploring and finding new areas serves as an escape from my everyday life.”

Kevin shoots most of his images with a tripod, rubber bands and camera timer app, and on occasion will venture out with #jumpstagram pioneer @DaveedGamboa.