Capturing the Community of Australia’s Bondi Beach with @denoodle

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"I like to think I’m a cross between a hippie and a hipster," explains Instagrammer Tim Denoon (@denoodle), a longtime resident of Bondi, an ocean-side suburb of Sydney, Australia.

one that he fuels with his photos of life on the beach or at the Bondi Icebergs' famous oceanfront pool. Drawn to surfers, tourists and locals alike, it's the way that people interact with Bondi that intrigues Tim most. As he puts it, “Some of the men in my pictures are friends or acquaintances, but most are strangers who either jog past very quickly or who stand transfixed at the water's edge by the rolling sea. The beach is a supremely contemplative environment, and being able to photograph people while they're in this head space is a real joy for me. I used to live at a Buddhist monastery, so being able to capture these moments is like creating a zen poem, something short and sharp and full of deeper meaning.”

Though an avid surfer himself, it’s more than just the waves that captures Tim’s imagination, and he sees his photography as a way to bring people together. “What I love most about Bondi is the local community, the people who I see on the sand and on the street who always stop and have a chat about the waves or the sky or how their coffee was slightly too bitter this morning,” he says. Tim uses his photography on Instagram and the #wearebondi hashtag to capture the magic of the Bondi spirit and “get people thinking about what glues us together as a suburb.”

As for what comes next, Tim hopes to take his passion for photography and beach communities on the road: “With any luck I’ll be able to travel more extensively this year with the goal of photographing different beach cultures around the world. It’s a theory I’d like to prove: that surf and sand can join people together just as firmly as bricks and mortar (or hashtags and emoticons).”