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On the Wheel’s Edge with @mamotoraman

For more photos and videos of Mamoru’s bicycle portraits, browse the #乗るオヤジ hashtag and follow @mamotoraman on Instagram.

“I’ve always been good with riding bicycles, and I thought it’d be fun to start a photo series of me riding them in creative ways,” says Tokyo Instagrammer Mamoru Kanai (@mamotoraman), who shares his “Riding Pop” series on Instagram.

He ventures out to various neighborhoods with a skilled photographer friend who captures Mamoru performing one-wheeled bicycle stunts such as “wheelies” (standing on the hind wheel) and “stoppies” (standing on the front wheel). The stunts are mostly captured in one shot, as Mamoru tries to hold the position as long as he can in the busy streets. He even adds an extra bit of challenge and humor by performing the tricks while seated as if normally riding a bicycle. He clarifies, “You’ll see it if you tilt the photo and make the bicycle straight.”

Instead of using a technical bike, however, Mamoru rides a mamachari (“mom’s bike”)—the most generic type of bicycle in Japan that often comes equipped with a basket or a child seat (or both). “The most significant point about these portraits,” he explains, “is the irony of performing stunts on ordinary bicycles that are made for moms with kids.”


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Instagrammers Participate in #biketoworkday

Are you planning to bike to work tomorrow? If so, be sure to share your Instagram photos with the hashtags #biketoworkday and #fromwhereibike.

May is National Bike Month, and tomorrow, May 17, is the League of American Bicyclists’ official Bike to Work Day. Many commuters around the United States will forsake their cars tomorrow in favor of cycling to promote environmentally friendly transportation and healthy living.

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The Making Of: Beautiful, Hand-Crafted Bicycles

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The Instagram team obviously loves photography, but we count a number of cycling enthusiasts among our ranks as well. Rarely do these two passions—cycling and photography—collide in such spectacular fashion as in the case of @stanridgecycles.

Stanridge Cycles—owned and operated by Adam Eldridge—is a Columbus, OH based builder of custom, hand-crafted track, road, and city bicycles. Through his Instagram feed and blog posts, Adam exquisitely documents the complete fabrication cycle, leaving his followers with a deep appreciation for the craft and artistry that goes into each bicycle.

Afraid that following @stanridgecycles won’t be enough for your hand-built bicycle fix? Check out @feathercycles (from the UK) and @averycountycycles (from Denver, CO) too!

Know any other Instagrammers doing something unique with their hands? Send us a note through Tumblr.