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Video Tips: Audio on Instagram

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Watching Video

When you’re viewing a video on Instagram, the sound is controlled by your device’s volume setting. If your phone is set to silent, the video will play with the sound off.

On an iOS device, you can switch the sound on and off by flipping the switch on the left side of your device.

For Android, you can control the volume for a video in two ways:

  • Adjust the device’s media volume under Settings, or
  • Wait for an Instagram video to begin playing, and raise/reduce the volume from the switch on the side of your device

Recording Video

Try these tips to improve the audio quality when recording a video on Instagram:

  • Use your hands-free set, which has a built-in microphone
  • Use an external microphone, like the iStabilizer iRig mic (Apple)
  • Make a removable wind sheild (called a “deadcat” in the film industry) for your device’s microphone

Concerned about videos playing automatically? You can disable auto-play under Settings > Preferences.


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60 Feet Underwater: Instagramming from Mission Aquarius

Want to see more? Check out pictures tagged with #missionaquarius, Aquarius’ location page, as well as Brian’s article “The Extreme Difficulty of Leaving an Underwater Base”.

Brian Lam, an ocean exploration journalist and the editor of The Scuttlefish and The Wirecutter, recently embarked on a week-long trip to the NOAA Aquarius Reef Base — the world’s last remaining undersea habitat — where he interviewed Sylvia Earle and dove with Fabien Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau.

While 60 feet underwater, Brian shared beautiful photographs of his mission through his Instagram account — @blam. Learn more about Mission Aquarius, sharing Instagram images from deep below the blue ocean, and Brian’s desire to document his best adventure yet in the audio above!


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The Scoop on Food Photography

Want to see more photos? Check out @sonyayu’s profile and pictures tagged #onthetable.

Are you a food photo fanatic? If so, you’ve got to check out @sonyayu. Sonya is a full time food photographer in San Francisco. She serves up bird’s eye photos of gorgeously cluttered restaurant tables around the country.

When we were in need of food photography tips, we went straight to Sonya. Listen in for some of Sonya’s insider tips above.

How to take a shot like @sonyayu:

  • Order colorful food and wait for the entire meal to be served before shooting.
  • Stand up on your (stable) chair to capture the grub from above.
  • Get the light right! Always sit by the window, avoid overhead spotlights, and never, ever use a flash - it’s food porn murder.
  • Not all foods are equally photogenic, but that’s not the only factor in a tantalizing food photo. The dining surface, drinks and silverware can add allure and a distinct atmosphere to even the plainest, ugliest foods.


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From Hong Kong to New York City for an InstaMeet

The next Worldwide InstaMeet is July 26! Check out to find a meetup in your city.

Tyson (@twheat) is an expat in Hong Kong who has helped organize many of the fantastic meetups in his new city. Recently, he took a trip to New York City and met up with several NYC Instagrammers. Sit back and listen to Tyson’s story of what it was like to meet up with Instagrammers whose photos he’s been following for over a year!