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Tradition Meets Technology at the 2014 Eco Edo Nihonbashi Art Aquarium

For more photos and videos from the exhibition, explore the COREDO室町 (Coredo Muromachi) and アートアクアリウム2014 (Art Aquarium 2014) location pages and browse the #アートアクアリウム (art aquarium) hashtag.

The Eco Edo Nihonbashi Art Aquarium 2014 opened last Friday at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall in Tokyo, Japan. This exhibition features 17 fish tank installations designed by “art aquarist” Hidetomo Kimura, whose work brings more than 5,000 goldfish on display in 70 aquariums.

These extraordinary aquatic installations are decked with LED lights, projection mapping, music and even scents. While the technology involved is quite advanced, the aquarium designs are inspired by Japan’s Edo Period (1603–1868) and incorporate traditional motifs such as classic glass fish bowls, folding screens and lanterns.

Hidetomo’s works will be on view at the Nihonbashi Mitsui Hall until September 23, 2014.


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Entering the Colorful Kaleidoscope World of @osgemeos

To see more photos and videos from A ópera da lua, explore the Galpão Fortes Villaça location page and browse the #osgemeos hashtag.

A circular installation pulls spectators into the colorful world of Brazilian twin brothers and graffiti artists Os Gêmeos. Their new art exhibit, A ópera da lua (“The Moon Opera”), features paintings, sculptures and a video installation where works are connected by doors and windows. The artists are known for incorporating storytelling and fantasy into their exhibits, where surreal elements blend together in a multicolored collage as if seen through a kaleidoscope.


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@dalek2013 Brings a Splash of Color to the @_smoca

To see more photos of James’ vivid work, visit the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art location page and follow @dalek2013.

“There is an impact to art in public spaces that can’t be achieved in studio work,” says the artist James Marshall (@dalek2013), who recently completed several massive, colorful murals for the Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (@_smoca). “Murals allow me to explore ideas and processes that I couldn’t necessarily do in the studio. It’s very liberating.”

When approached by SMoCA, James sought to complement the building’s architecture: “For me filling the space was about working with the framework of what was already there,” he explains. “I wanted the artwork to accentuate the architectural aspects and the existing art in those spaces.”

For James, working at a large scale also has the benefit of informing his smaller paintings. “I think the openness of it brings a lot to me that I can then take back to the studio and incorporate into that work.”


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Exploring the Contemporary Contrasts of Lee Ufan’s Work at Versailles

For more from Lee Ufan’s works at Versailles, browse the #leeufan hashtag and explore the Jardins du Château de Versailles location page.

Last week, South Korean artist Lee Ufan unveiled a series of 10 commissioned works on the grounds of the Chateau de Versailles outside of Paris, France.

Ufan’s pieces take shape as large-scale sculptures and installations. Simple structures such as immersive rock gardens and the exhibition’s iconic polished-concrete arch stand in stark contrast to the decadent landscape of the Chateau grounds. The striking differences between the historical grounds and the exhibition works lead visitors to discover the dialogue and harmonies that can exist between objects that—at first—seem wholly dissimilar.

Ufan’s works will be on view at Chateau de Versailles until early November 2014.


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Tara Donovan Mimics Nature with the Mundane

To see more of Donovan’s work, explore the Pace Gallery location page and browse the #TaraDonovan hashtag.

The American artist Tara Donovan’s latest exhibition—on display through August 15 at Pace Gallery (@pacegallery) in New York City—consists of eight massive stalagmites constructed entirely from millions of glued-together index cards.

Donovan, whose critically-acclaimed work earned her the prestigious MacArthur Fellowship in 2008, challenges perceived distinctions between natural and artificial. By building large, organically shaped structures with everyday manmade materials like drinking straws, toothpicks and styrofoam cups, she forces viewers to reconsider the difference between the majestic and the mundane.


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Xu Bing’s Phoenix at St. John the Divine

To see more photos from Xu Bing’s Phoenix at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine, explore the St. John the Divine location page and browse the #xubing hashtag.

For the duration of 2014, the artist Xu Bing’s Phoenix—a pair of majestic, glittering sculptures made of refuse and debris—can be viewed at The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine in New York City. “My Phoenix uses the lowliest materials of labor to adorn itself with beauty and self-respect,” Xu says.

Before coming to St. John the Divine, the work has been displayed in venues such as the Today Art Museum in Beijing and the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (@massmoca). Soaring amongst the carved wood and stained glass of the cathedral, the sculptures take on a sacred quality. “It creates a unique visual and spiritual landscape for the public,” Xu says, “a landscape that I believe is capable of transporting us to an entirely new place. The splendor that underlies the phoenixes and the splendor that underlies the cathedral shine off of one another, creating a space of massive tension that moves every one of us.”


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Going Back to the Roots with Henrique Oliveira’s Transarquitetônica

To see more photos and videos from Transarquitetônica, explore the MAC USP location page and browse the #henriqueoliveira hashtag.

Brazilian artist Henrique Oliveira invites spectators to step inside his latest artwork and explore a giant wooden maze at São Paulo Museum MAC. His largest installation to date, Transarquitetônica is a 70 meter (229.66 ft) interactive sculpture made of tapumes, a plywood material traditionally used for cheap housing in Brazil. As the piece’s name suggests, Oliveira’s work speaks to the concept of time and evolution. Spectators discover spaces of contrast, as certain areas reference today’s modern architecture while sprawling branches symbolize man’s first dwelling.


art thursday, rainbow village, taiwan, art,

Saving Taiwan’s Rainbow Village

To view more photos and videos from Taiwan’s Rainbow Village, explore the 彩虹眷村 Rainbow Village location page.

In the hills outside Taichung in western Taiwan, a tiny village shines with bursts of color.

Every day, an elderly veteran—known locally as Grandpa Rainbow—adorns the walls of a former veterans’ retirement home with colorful paintings. His work has led to the town’s nickname: Rainbow Village. The village is under threat of demolition for development, but locals continue to petition for the relics to remain while avid Instagrammers travel to see Grandpa Rainbow’s intricate handiwork.


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A Subtlety, a large-scale public project by Kara Walker

To see more photos from Kara Walker’s A Subtlety, explore the Domino Sugar Factory location page and browse the #karawalkerdomino hashtag.

On May 10, non-profit arts organization Creative Time (@creativetimenyc) unveiled a large-scale public project made of bleached sugar by artist Kara Walker in the Domino Sugar Refinery in Brooklyn.

“At Creative Time, we support artists in realizing their dream projects, projects that take on the big issues of our time and place,” Anne Pasternak (@annepasternak), the artistic director, says. “Kara Walker’s A Subtlety does just that, using the history of sugar as an opportunity to explore race, labor, sexuality, power, gender and so much more.”

Though once the largest sugar refinery in the world, the Domino Sugar Refinery will soon be torn down. “Brooklyn’s Domino Sugar Refinery is a place that drips with American history,” Walker says. “The site smells of a deep funk of molasses and time. The sugar warehouse that houses this ‘New World’ sphinx stands as a cathedral to industry, to taste, and to the sugar and slave trade.”

A Subtlety will remain on display at the Domino Sugar Factory through July 6.


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Dancing amidst William Forsythe’s Swinging Pendulums

For more photos and videos from Forsythe’s pendulums, explore the Circus Street - Old Market Brighton location page and browse the #WilliamForsythe hashtag.

Hundreds of timed pendulums dangle from the ceiling of an old municipal market building in the seaside town of Brighton, England. Designed by renowned choreographer William Forsythe, the swinging weights aren’t meant to be simply observed—they’re meant to make you dance. Visitors must dodge the pendulums in order to traverse the space, playfully jumping, running and moving in new ways as they go.

The installation, titled “Nowhere and Everywhere at the Same Time No. 2,” comes as a part of the 2014 Brighton Festival (@brightdome_brightfest), an exhibition of music, dance, theater, comedy and visual arts open until May 25.