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In the Artist’s Studio with @javicalleja

To see more of Javier’s work, follow @javicalleja on Instagram.

"I really hope I can make someone smile every day," says Spanish artist Javier Calleja (@javicalleja), who lives and works in Málaga. Javier’s bright, whimsical creations take the form of drawings, paintings and occasionally sculpture.

Since joining Instagram a year ago, Javier’s built a community around his playful, surreal aesthetic. “As an artist, Instagram gives me the opportunity to share my work around the world,” Javier explains. But Javier’s use of Instagram goes deeper, and he uses the platform to engage with his fans. “I’ll do art just for Instagram,” he says. “It’s a great testing ground.”


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Going 3D with @elo_____

For more photos and videos from Eloísa, follow @elo_____ on Instagram.

“I like the way I can turn my designs into something flat or three-dimensional depending on the color combination, light or point of view,” explains Argentina graphic designer Eloísa Iturbe (@elo_____).

Eloísa, who likes to maintain simplicity and neatness in her artwork, has always been interested in painting and drawing. She explains, “At first I was actually more drawn to textile design. Right after high school, I went to London for 6 months and took a textile design course there. The whole experience in London was quite amazing, as I came from a very small town in Argentina’s countryside. When I returned to Argentina, the only career I found related to textile design was fashion design, and I wasn’t interested in that, so I chose graphic design instead.”

Nowadays, Eloísa runs her own design studio in Buenos Aires and says Instagram has become a great medium for sharing her artwork. “For some time I had been longing to do other kinds of creative projects besides my work at the studio. I wasn’t exactly sure about what that looked like, but only knew it had to be away from the computer. I tried a few different things, but they never lasted. Then I found Instagram, and everything fell into place. The medium of photography suddenly felt right! I found a place to share my work and the motivation to keep it going. It’s been very inspiring and a lot of fun too!”


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Nick Cave’s Soundsuits at the Boston ICA

To see more photos and videos of Nick Cave’s colorful creations, explore the Institute of Contemporary Art location page.

Chicago-based artist Nick Cave constructs his signature “Soundsuits”—vivid, noise-making costumes—from discarded and rediscovered materials. The suits’ varied and whimsical forms directly reflect Cave’s training as a dancer and are often used in dance performances.

The Soundsuits’ origins are darker than their vibrant colors might suggest. Cave created his first suit in 1992 as a response to the Rodney King beating. He told the Washington Post, “I built this sort of suit of armor, and by putting it on, I realized that I could a make a sound from moving in it. It made me think of ideas around protest, and how we should be a voice and speak louder.”

Cave’s suits, along with several freestanding sculptures and paintings, are on display at the Institute of Contemporary Art through May 4.


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Exploring Yorkshire Sculpture Park

To view more photos and videos from Yorkshire Sculpture Park, explore the Yorkshire Sculpture Park location page.

In the rolling hills of west Yorkshire, England, you’ll find gigantic wicker bunny rabbits, a galloping two-dimensional horse and a larger-than-life bronze sculpture of a man on his phone.

These creations form Yorkshire Sculpture Park: a collection of works from British and international artists across 500 acres (202 hectares) of land in Wakefield.

This season, artists Tom Price, Hans Josephsohn and Jordan McKenzie add their work to the regular host of world-renowned sculpture artists at the park. Yorkshire Sculpture Park always maintains 60 open-air works on display, including Wakefield’s own Barbara Hepworth, Andy Goldsworthy and Henry Moore.


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Exploring the Nelson Mandela Statue in Pretoria

To see more photos and videos of the new Nelson Mandela statue, explore the Union Buildings location page.

In Pretoria, South Africa, a statue of the former president Nelson Mandela stands out across the skyline. The statue was unveiled on South Africa’s Day of Reconciliation, a public holiday which marks the end of racial conflict in South Africa, shortly after Mandela passed away at the age of 95.

Standing nine meters (30 feet) tall in front of the Union Buildings at the government headquarters, the bronze statue shows Mandela’s hands outstretched to show how he embraced the whole nation. Sculptors Andre Prinsloo and Ruhan Janse van Vuuren also hid a bronze rabbit in Mandela’s ear, symbolizing the haste with which they took to finish the statue.


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Composing Comic Sets with @perrycolante

For more photos and videos of Andrew’s designs, follow @perrycolante on Instagram.

Italian graphic designer Andrew Zonzini (@perrycolante) found his own unique style of colorful and surrealist portraits by exploring his creativity on Instagram.

"I am a graphic designer and an illustrator," he explains. "So when I think about the composition of each of my pictures, I try to use graphical elements designed by myself, playing a lot with colors and simplicity."

Andrew’s photos often include his brother Luca (@luca_zonzini) and handmade props, giving a sense of hyper-realism which has often duped disbelieving Instagrammers.

"Many people think that the illustrations are added afterwards on the computer, but that is not what I do. I do like the idea that the final result might seem a digital graphical composition, because it means that I managed to render a photograph as a sort of comic strip through my compositions."

Andrew spends a lot of time looking for colorful warehouse walls to use as backdrops for his photos. He likes to compose all the elements on his “set,” drawing the props on colored cardboard to stick on the walls and asking family or friends to pose in coordinated costumes.

He is also constantly inspired by other Instagrammers: “Snooping through various profiles, I noticed there are many clever users who let us know their own creative world, and who inspire you to try and raise the level of your jobs.

"If I could inspire something, I would like to transmit the desire to invent a personal creative style."


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Graced with Light

For more photos and videos from the Graced with Light installation, explore the Grace Cathedral location page.

This month marks the last opportunity to see Graced with Light, artist Anne Patterson’s year-long installation in San Francisco’s Grace Cathedral (@gracecathedral).

Commissioned in 2013 as Grace Cathedral’s artist in residence, Patterson strung nearly 32 kilometers (20 miles) of multicolored ribbons from the Cathedral’s vaulted ceilings. Illuminated from above and by light streaming in through the cathedral’s windows, the ribbons represent pathways of light carrying the prayers and dreams of visitors skyward.


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Antony Gormley’s Angel of the North

To see more photos and videos from Gormley’s sculpture explore the Angel of the North location page.

Antony Gormley’s massive sculpture, Angel of the North, is the largest sculpture in England. Towering over the towns of Gateshead, Tyne and Wear, the Angel weighs 200 metric tons (440,924 pounds) and has a wingspan of 54 meters (177 feet). It was built above the Lower Tyne Colliery where thousands of coal miners worked over the past three centuries. Upon erecting the sculpture in 1998, Gormley hoped his piece would convey hope during difficult times as the hard labor of the industrial age gave way to the advances of the age of information. Nowadays, thousands of tourists and Instagrammers find Angel of the North to be a source of creative inspiration as they gather to shoot the piece from unique angles and capture the work’s monumental scale.


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Reclaiming Penang’s Old Hin Bus Depot with Art

For more photos from Ernest Zacharevic’s solo exhibition in Penang, Malaysia, explore the Hin Company Bus Depot location page.

A reclaimed bus depot in Penang, Malaysia, is home to the first solo show by Lithuanian artist Ernest Zacharevic (@ernestzacharevic). Adorning the Hin Company Bus Depot with dozens of murals and other site-specific installations, Zacharevic challenges the distinction between decay and art in an exhibit he’s named “Art is Rubbish/Rubbish is Art.”

The show, which opened on January 17 and runs through February 14, is free and open to the public. Learn more about Zacharevic’s work here.


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#1000doilies: @lisasolomon and the Crocheters of Instagram

To see more photos and videos from the 1000 Doilies project in the making, browse the #1000doilies, #inmystudio1000 and #lisasolomonsen hashtags and the Fouladi Projects location page.

When Lisa Solomon (@lisasolomon) had the idea to create 1000 doilies made from 100 colors of thread, she soon realised this wasn’t a one-woman feat.

Enlisting the help of 49 crocheting Instagrammers across the world, Lisa managed to create a collaborative art piece, now on display at the Fouladi Projects gallery in San Francisco, California, until 21 December, 2013.

"As an artist I have found that Instagram is an amazing way to share little snippets from the studio," Lisa says. "It’s really great to get immediate feedback and to document the process of art being made. So often we see the final results of an artist’s work, but on Instagram we get a behind-the-scenes look."

Born to a Japanese mother, Lisa began to research the number 1000, which has a resonance in the country’s culture and history. The show also includes drawings of 1000 cherry trees and Senninbari–good luck belts made with 1000 French knots. A common theme in the exhibition is the idea of lifting common handicraft to the realm of fine art through repetition.

Out of every 10 doilies displayed, one has dangling threads to show the toil of the process, and those Instagramming their creations have also shared their crafting stories on the #1000doilies hashtag.

To see more behind the scenes of the #1000doilies exhibition, follow these crocheters on Instagram:

  • Crocheting pastels with Catherine Lewin, Belgium – @petitepimprenelle
  • Home-cooking and farmlife from Kate Ulman, Australia – @foxslane
  • Blair Stoker, quilt-maker and author of a book about handmade projects in Seattle, United States – @blairs
  • Flowers and quilts from Grace Sharp, New Zealand – @chainofdaisies
  • In the artist’s studio with Janise Munro and Elaine Haby, Australia – @gracialouise
  • Family life with Cyndi Monaghan in Maryland, United States – @elf_girl
  • Ellie Beck, tea and craft from Australia – @petalplum
  • Lisa Duran, United States – @sparrowsandsuch