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Photo Feature: Tilt-shift for Android

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We’re so excited that our friends on Android can now experiment with tilt-shift, or selective focusing, on Instagram in order to create miniature scenes and give the appearance of depth of field!

Tilt-shift photography is a process that uses a special lens with the ability the physically tilt for plane of focus, and then shift to adjust the position of the subject. Since mobile photography doesn’t employ external lenses, the process typically refers to selective focus in order to simulate miniature scenes. Selective focus can also be used to create a shallow depth of field in order to place the focus on a subject then blur out either the foreground or background, creating the appearance of depth.

Since we’ve previously provided tips on how to best utilize the tilt-shift tool we wanted to showcase some fantastic photographs shared to Instagram utilizing this brand new Android feature!

Top photo by @owenkam.

Photo Tips: Android Photography Applications

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We’ve researched applications available for Android that can help you enhance and improve your photographs. Here are a few apps for simple and quick image editing to get you started!

Photo Editing

For basic image editing, Adobe Photoshop Express is a great application! It gives you the ability to alter exposure, saturation, tint, contrast & brightness quickly for simple image edits.

Combining Multiple Photos

Everyone loves combining multiple photos into one! A simple and easy to use application, Diptic, allows you to combine up to four images into one single frame. Be sure to check out this Photo Tips blog on combining images for some great tips!

Content-Aware Retouching

Have you ever captured the perfect shot right when someone starts to walks through the frame? Or maybe you want to remove those unsightly wall plugs & switches in order to redirect focus to the decor. While happy accidents can create beautiful “right place, right time” photographs, the TouchRetouch application can help remove unwanted content from photos!

We want to know your favorite photo editing applications for Android! Send us a note through Tumblr to let us know which ones you love.

Photo Feature Friday: Android Snapshots

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This week, the entire team at Instagram has been giddy watching our community grow. Android Instagrammers around the world have wowed us with their photographs, so we decided to highlight a few right here on the blog.