Catching Corners in St. Petersburg with @aerohockey

Zhenya Aerohockey (@aerohockey) is always on the hunt for triangles in Saint Petersburg, Russia. On his Instagram profile, he’s collected over 80 photos of different triangular shapes and corners since beginning the series in February of this year. “I captured my first corner in a moment of boredom—I was in a simple office waiting for my friend to finish his work. I didn’t know that it would become such a pastime for me.”

For Zhenya, the fun is in finding new perspectives. “To keep myself and others excited about the project, it is important to find corners in unexpected places and to shoot scenes with balanced color and light.” His followers often inspire the scenes he captures. “I have started to get great feedback from my friends and from foreigners. That is priceless for a photographer. And, that’s why on Instagram I feel I’m amongst friends.” To tune into the Zhenya’s corner series, be sure to follow @aerohockey on Instagram.